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Panarin jumps to the top of the bait bar to trade TSN bait

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Phone Yarko Kekalainen from Monday is burning like a Christmas tree.

The rest of the general managers of the NHL called Columbus since the announcement on Monday of agent Artemi Panarin Dan Milshtein, who seemed to almost guarantee the fate of his client with Blue Jackets.

"This is disappointing," Kekalainen told reporters on Tuesday. "But all we can do is do our best."

Currently, everyone agrees that Panarin is trading more than not.

This makes Panarin a new number 1 on the TSN Lure Trading Notice Board, with the result that Matt Duchesne and his uncertain future in Ottawa fell to No. 2.

Rarely such a talent as “The Bread Man” becomes available at any time in the hockey calendar. 27-year-old Panarin – one of the few wingers who play at night. He keeps up with 33 of the best goals in his career and 96 points, he was surprisingly consistent in four NHL seasons, and he is in the absolute prime of his career.

Unlike the supporting unrestricted free agent Sergey Bobrovsky, Panarin has no protection against trade and can be moved to any team.

Panarin is the TradeCentre gold chip that the playoff and recovery teams crave.

But Kekalainen faces the riddle of the general manager until February 25 deadline. He must weigh the value of the return of Panarin, who lost it wasted in the summer, and also trying to do without sharing his best player with the only NHL franchise that never won a playoff series.

Panarin finished 25 points farther away from the nearest Blue Jackets scorer last season. It is clear that Kekalainen needs some combination of current players from the list of players with futures for prospects and elections in the first round.

What Kekalainen can get for Panarin may depend on his interests or willingness to agree on a long-term extension with a potential plaintiff — and on whether Kekalainen gives him that opportunity.

Kekalainen specifically mentioned the staggering returns offered for the waiting UFA by Jack Johnson and Matt Culvert last year, so the Blue Jackets made them run.

A bet that Kekalainen will not have the same flexibility this time.

“We said that we would make difficult decisions if we must,” Kekalainen told reporters. “But our goal is to make our team better, to make it as competitive as possible, both this spring and in the future, obviously. If we have to make a difficult decision, we will. We love Artemi and would like to leave him. He has the right to go to a free agency, and if he decides to do it, we will knock on his door on July 1. ”

Here is the latest Trade Bait board from TSN Hockey, which always tries to combine player fame with his probability of trading:

Embedded image1. Artemi Panarin, CBJLM2747nineteen55$ 6MUVA
Embedded image2. Matt Duchesne, OTTWITH28412047$ 6MUVA
3. Wayne Simmonds, PHIRwthirty501523$ 3.98MUVA
4. Michael Ferland, CARLM26411325$ 1.75mUVA
5. Mats Sukcarello, New YorkRw3135eight24$ 4.5MUVA
6. Dougie Hamilton, CARRD2550eightnineteen$ 5.75M2
7. Gustav Nyquist, DETRw2951eleven43$ 4.75MUVA
Embedded image8. Cam Talbot, EDMg31273.270.894$ 4.17MUVA
9. Derik Brassard, YamaWITH3140915$ 5 millionUVA
10. Sergey Bobrovsky, CBJgthirty352.970.902$ 7.43MUVA
11. Jakub Sylverberg, ANARw284212nineteen$ 3.75mUVA
12. Jimmy Howard, DETg34342.760.916$ 5.3MUVA
13. Charlie Coyle, MINWITH2650926$ 3.2Mone
Embedded image14. Alec Martinez, LACRD31363eleven$ 4M2
15. Kevin Hayes, New YorkWITH2640ten33$ 5.18MUVA
16. Bryden Shann, STLWITH2745927$ 5.13Mone
17. Colton Parayko, CTSRD2549eight13$ 5.5M3
18. Jeff Carter, LACWITH3349ten25$ 5.27M3
19. Cody Sich, OTTRD2446five15$ 4.3MRFA
20. Brett Peske, CARRD23413eleven$ 4.03Mfive
21. Alex Edler, VANLD3236five20$ 5 millionUVA
22. Andre Burakovsky, WSHLM2344612$ 3MRFA
23. Marcus Johansson, New JerseyLM2837717$ 4.58MUVA
24. Chris Crader, New YorkLM27492237$ 4.63Mone
Embedded image25. Mark Stone, OTTRw26502250$ 7.35MUVA
26. Nick Byughstad, FLAC / RW,2632five12$ 4.1M2
27. Justin Folk, CARRD2650317$ 4.83Mone
28. Alex Steen, STLLM3435615$ 5.75M2
29. Jay Bowvmester, STLLD35452ten$ 5.4MUVA
Embedded image30. Kasperi Kapanen, TORRw224915thirty$ 863KRFA
31. Andreas Jonsson, TORLM2443ten22$ 788KRFA
32. Ryan Zingel, OTTLM26482038$ 1.8MUVA
33. Patrick Maroon, STLLMthirty41four14$ 1.75mUVA
Embedded image34. Jesse Puliuarvi, EDMRw2039four9$ 925KRFA
35. Adam McQuade, New YorkRD322503$ 2.75UVA
36. Niklas Kronwall, DETLD3848214$ 4.75MUVA
37. Bogdan Kiselvich, FLALD28310eight$ 925KUVA
38. Chris Tanev, VANRD29462ten$ 4.45Mone
39. Vlad Vicemen, NYRLM2545foursixteen$ 4Mone
40. Karl Hagelin, LACLMthirty2926$ 4MUVA
41. Nathan Beaulieu, BUFLD262637$ 2.4MRFA
42. Dale Weiss, PHIRwthirty42fiveeleven$ 2.35Mone
43. Mikkel Bedker, OTTLM2950five27$ 4Mone
44. Sam Gagner, VANRw297one3$ 3.15Mone
45. Jeff Skinner, BUFLM26493145$ 5.73MUVA


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