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Nobody was hurt after an armed robbery of a shopping center in Markham

Joshua Freeman, CTV Toronto

Published December 30, 2018 at 20:02 EST.

Updated December 30, 2018 20:33 EST

No injuries were reported after police responded to a call for an armed robbery at the Markville Shopping Center on Sunday evening.

York Regional Police reported that around 6:25 pm, a call for an armed robbery arrived in the shopping center area.

The officers responded to the mall, and around 7:15 pm, the police told CP24 that the situation was under control.

Social media posts show that several vendors closed their gates and covered some people inside their stores when shoppers fled. Some people said they were ordered to leave the premises after the robbery.

Several people reported hearing shots at the mall. A video appeared on social networks that showed how several men in orange T-shirts and masks seized items from the Lukfook jewelry store and put them in big bags.

It seems that the video corresponds to the information collected by the officers at the scene, reported CP24 to the police. However, the police did not confirm that the shots were fired inside the mall.

According to the police, one suspect who escaped from the scene of the incident was arrested outside the shopping center a few minutes after the police arrived. The arrest video appears to have been filmed in another video distributed on the Internet, although police have stated that amateur footage has not yet been confirmed.

Investigators are now looking for five more suspects. No suspicious descriptions have been released so far.

Police said no lockout order was issued for the mall.

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