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Ninja offers a hint of their future in competitive Fortnite

According to a recent tweet, the star Fortnite Ninja may play more competitive games in the future.

Ninjas focused on playing Fortnite by chance, appearing only occasionally in competitive tournaments. This strategy allowed him to become the first place on Twitch streamer number one.

But fans may soon see their favorite streams more often in competitions.

Responding to a fan who said that he likes to watch a streamer in a competitive Fortnite, Ninja said: “Expect more from this in the future.”

Competitive Fortnite may conflict with streamer fans, as during intensive practice there is usually less interaction with the audience. Some competitive players do not even broadcast their training because of the fear of handing out strategies.

He had previously expressed concern that traveling to LAN tournaments could be detrimental to his streaming career.

“I know that I will have to go to these tournaments. This will take my broadcast time, leave the content, which also takes away Instagram, my YouTube channel, and my Twitter clips, which will receive a lot of interactions and mentions, "said ESPN Ninja, saying that broadcast, not on competition.

Ninja is no stranger to the competitive environment, being a former professional Halo player. Ninjas also won Fortnite Pro-Am before Fortnite became an e-sports player.

Starting from Pro-am, Epic Games has added Skirmish events and other massive tournaments with huge prize pools. Recently, pop-up cups have been added as an option for online players. It would seem, "Pop Up Cups" will allow ninjas to avoid worry about traveling.

While the Ninja is still not sure about its competitive future, fans can see it more in competition with other streamers, pop-up cups and major tournaments.

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