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NHL Rumors: Toronto Maple Leafs and Willam Nilander – Deadline Quick Approach

The deadline for the Toronto Maple Leaf and the limited free agent William Naylander to come to an agreement is fast approaching.
The deadline for Maple Leafs to sign Naylander to be eligible for this season is Saturday at 5:00 pm EST

TSN: Bob McKenzie at Insider Trading said that there were many rumors around William Nylander that he was in Toronto, the other that he was signed, but they were waiting for an official announcement.

“Our best information is not the case that there is still some work to be done. Now when can this be done? As we have said, this can only cause one phone call, this can be done that way. But with the deadline now on Saturday at 5:00 pm EST, there is a very strong feeling that both parties, one or the other, feel that they can get their best offer from the other side right at the deadline. So now he is approaching the deadline, stay tuned with the same old thing. ”

Chris Johnston from Sportsnet: It is possible that John Tavares, William Nylander, Oston Matthews and Mitch Marner can take almost half the salary of Toronto Maple Leafs next season – Tavares ($ 11 million), Naylander ($ 6.85 million), Matthews ($ 12 million ) and Marner ($ 9.5 million?).

Even if Maple Leafs can get Nylander, signed with just under $ 7 million, they still have room to add a significant player to the rental at the latest season if they want.

To do this, they will need to move calls for projects or prospects, which can be expensive because they need available players to fill out their list when the big fours take up most of the cap.

TSN: AIK Sports Director Anders Gozzi told Aftonbladet and translated it through google that Nylander is skating with the younger AIK team. He was on the ice with them on Monday.

“Yes, in the fall, he trained with our J20 team in the afternoon and evening,” said Gozzi on Aftonbladet via Google translate.

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