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New pilot plans to deliver food to the remote community First Nation Staff, with a reportage from CTV Winnipeg

Published December 27, 2018 at 22:07 EST.

A Winnipeg woman uses her new pilot's license to help feed her neighbors in the north, where food prices are much higher than in the city.

December 28, after several weather-related setbacks, Andy Sharma plans to deliver about 160 kilograms of food to the First Nation of the Topol River, a local community located about 350 kilometers north of Winnipeg, in a straight line.

“I just had this idea in my head, and I thought,“ Well, I'm going to just release it into the universe and see what comes of it, ”said Sharma CTV in Winnipeg. "And the reaction of the community in Winnipeg was incredible."

Sharma, who works as a senior analyst at the Healthy Nutrition Initiative in the northern part of Manitoba, says she learned how to fly as a teenager, but only in the summer she received a pilot's license.

Sharma says it took only a few hours to collect the donated goods. The flight will take two and a half hours.

“Working as a senior analyst in a province in the south, the food security work that I do looks really abstract,” she said. "And this is the way I can really get my hands dirty and go to the community level and make a difference, even if it is a little bit." 1.4233077

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