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Near the airport Gatwick discovered 2 drone

On Saturday, British police said that two drone vehicles found near London Gatwick Airport were not involved in the disruption, which closed the busy airport a few days before Christmas.

Sussex police chief Giles York told BBC Radio that police searched 26 potential launch sites near the airport, but did not believe that they had found a drone that was spotted near the runway on December 19 and 20.

York said that "I am absolutely sure that during the period when the airport was closed, the drone flew."

Last week, a senior detective said that the drones may not have flown over the airport last week, sowing confusion, but later the police insisted that the drone observations were genuine.

The closure of the airport led to the fact that more than 100,000 people were stranded or were detained as a result of the most serious violation of drones at an international airport.

No one was held accountable, despite the deployment of military means to track and deter dron flights.

Two people – Paul Gate and Elaine Kirk – who lived a few minutes from Gatwick Airport, were arrested on suspicion of using a criminal drone, but two days later they were released when the police stated that they were no longer suspected.

After his release, Gate complained bitterly about the actions of the police – and the newspapers that published on the first page of a photograph of the couple. York used his radio interview to apologize for the suffering, although he said the arrest was legal.

“I’m really sorry that he survived, but the reason we kept him was that we could dispel everything in the first place,” said York.

The motive for invading drones remains unclear

Earlier, police found that one damaged drone was found near the airfield and is being checked for DNA, fingerprints and other evidence.

The motive of the invasion of drones is not yet clear. Officials say there is no indication that the incident was "linked to terror."

Officials did not disclose which military equipment was installed.

British officials say they can place equipment at other UK airports. It’s not clear whether anti-drones measures at other major UK airports have been strengthened.

Gatwick Airport, the UK’s second largest airport by number of passengers, is located approximately 45 kilometers south of London. It serves about 43 million travelers a year.

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