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NDP wins decisive elections in Nanaimo, supporting the minority government B.S., projects CBC News

Swedish party NDP Sheila Malcolmson won the elections in Nanaimo, DC, maintaining the delicate control of the party in the province, reports CBC News.

Malcolmson, a former NDP deputy, will replace Leonard Krogh, a fifty-year-old member of the NDP legislature, who resigned last year after being elected Nanaimo Mayor.

The election results on Vancouver Island, the status quo, when the opposition liberals occupy 42 seats, only a few of the 43 hold together for the NDP and the Green Party.

The Greens agreed to support the NDP after the 2017 provincial elections, which allowed them to form a minority government.

The NDP conducted a trip, where 45,359 voters were registered, to 13 of the last 15 elections. The January vote means that the winner will sit in the legislature during the winter session and in the provincial budget, which will be announced in February.

“We have a lot of work”

Speaking next to B.S. Premier John Horgan in Nanaimo shortly before 10pm. PT, Malcolmson thanked her election volunteers and voters.

"Nanaimo was not tired of the elections, as it turned out," she said, adding that "we have a lot of work."

She advertised B.S. Priorities of Poland, including the protection of the coast B.S. from oil tankers, increasing the number of doctors in the province and improving access to childcare.

“We are reducing emissions associated with climate change through the most ambitious program for North America, and at the same time we are creating green jobs,” she said.

"We now have the strongest economy in the country, but we need to make sure that the economy belongs to everyone."

Malcolmson was elected to the 2015 Nanaimo-Ladysmith federal race. She announced that she would release her federal seat in October 2018 to participate in the elections.

Malcolmson knocked out B.S. Liberal candidate Tony Harris, famous businessman Nanaimo, and B.S. Green candidate Michele Ney, teacher and daughter of the former mayor of Nanaimo and the provincial MNC Frank Ney.

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