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NDP federal leader Jagmit Singh will meet with Karen Wang in British Columbia. byelection

The Federal Liberal Party chose the kindergarten owner as its opponent NDP leader Jagmit Singh in the upcoming elections in British Columbia.

Karen Wang, who owns the Theater of Angels and previously participated in the 2017 provincial elections with B.S. Liberals were called a candidate for liberals at a rally on Saturday.

She defeated biotech scientist Cyrus Edulji, who is product manager at Stemcell Technologies, after 123 members voted.

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“I’m so excited and it’s a great honor for me to be elected here,” said Wang, before reading the poem, which she said was written by a Chinese poet.

“My eyes are full of tears, because I love this land so much,” the poem began.

Wang told reporters that, in her opinion, she has everything she needs to accept Singh, because she has lived in skating for 20 years and has strong connections in society.

“He is not from our local community. He cannot represent you, represent us, ”she said.

“I believe that we will have a good chance to win in the south of Burnaby, since I believe that now I am well acquainted with our community. I am one of the people here.

Ms. Wang said her priorities would be to increase housing affordability by increasing the supply, creating new jobs and improving public transport.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has not yet set a date for elections in South Burnaby, who was released by former New Democratic MP Kennedy Stewart, now mayor of Vancouver. Trudeau is expected to announce elections for South Burnaby, Outremont, Quebec, and York-Simco, Ontario, at the start of a new year.

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The election campaign to be held in February marks Singh’s biggest political test to date, while also trying to reassure party concerns about fundraising, reducing votes and a growing list of veteran parliamentarians who say they will not run. in 2019.

Singh said he plans to focus on a horse riding campaign over the next month so that he can select the “elect” from his to-do list for the coming year of the critical campaign.

In the 2015 federal election, the NDP won Barnaby South by just over 500 votes.

A party leader who cannot win a seat usually moves away, although this has not happened in elections since the 1940s. Singh will not say what he will do if he loses.

Corporate lawyer Jay Shin is running for conservative elections, and the Green Party’s leader, Elizabeth May, says that the Greens will not stand as a candidate.

A spokesman for Martin Mass said that in the next two weeks, the People’s Party Maxim Bernier plans to nominate a candidate. Since the party is so new and only recently established district electoral associations, a candidate will not be selected in the course of a typical nomination voting process.

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“In essence, the leader will choose a candidate at each of the elections,” said Mass.

On the eve of the vote for the appointment on Saturday, Edulji told a crowd of about 100 party members gathered in the Barnaby banquet hall that "the whole country" would be watching the election of Bernaby South.

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