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Mike Babcock: “We believe that Neylander will become a career sheet”

Saturday 5:00. The ET deadline for William Nilander to sign a contract with Toronto Maple Leafs is very fast approaching and has more than a few spectators, feeling rather nervous.

However, head coach Mike Babcock is not in this group.

Addressing reporters on Thursday, Babcock expressed confidence that Naylander would soon be in shape with the team and that he would remain a member of the Sheets for a long time after that.

“We think that Willie will be here, and we think that Willie will be here for a long time,” said Babcock. "We think Willie will be a career sheet."

Babcock’s comments on Nialander’s stay in Toronto until the end of his career come the day after Elliott Friedman from Sportsnet told Tim and Sid on Wednesday evening that even if Leafs and Nylander make a deal, this will be the last season of the Swedish year in Blue and White .

“The only thing that I truly believe, no matter what happens, is that this will be William Naylander’s last season as the Top Maple Leaf,” said Friedman. “Does he mean that he does not sign, it will be so. And even if he does sign, I think that Toronto is the latest in his project.

“One way or another, I think it's over. I would be surprised if he plays in Toronto next season. ”

It would seem that Babcock would not agree with this opinion.

Neilander, a limited free agent, is leaving the 61-point season. It was reported that Leafs and Nilander’s camp was “close” when they came to the posting in negotiations with Nylander, who allegedly wanted to accept something in the range of $ 6.9 million. US per year.

He currently ranks second in the Atlantic Division and just two points away from the leading NHL basketball saber, the Lifes have played well so far without Neylander, but this does not mean that they would not welcome his return. Babcock probably seems like a guy who would like a star to return to her bench. The same goes for teammate Kasperi Kapanen.

The Lifas play Saturday against the Minnesota Wilds at 7:00 pm. ET, a couple of hours after the expiration of the signing of Naylander.

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