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Liberals refuse to disclose the details of a six-digit fundraiser for a deputy with millions of gambling debts

The Liberal Party of Canada refuses to disclose information about the fundraiser that Deputy Raj Greval, who accumulated hundreds of thousands of dollars at a time, when Greval fought with millions of gambling debts.

Grull said that tickets per person cost $ 500, and in April of this year at the East Liberal Riding Association. 1200 people gathered in Brampton, which was an unusually large crowd for a local fundraiser with no luminaries.

A potential amount of up to $ 600,000 — less expenses and unpaid guests — would far exceed the travel limit of $ 100,000 for a minimum 37-day election campaign.

In contrast, most fundraisers on the liberal transparency website list fewer than 100 guests, even when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau or a high-ranking cabinet minister spoke to an audience.

Opposition critics singled out the event as one of several unresolved question marks in the Grull case, the NDP assumes that revenues "could have passed in the next election many times."

“For the government, which has declared that it will be transparent by default, this proves that it is not so,” he said. New Democrat Nathan Cullen.

Greval left the meeting of the liberals in November after he discovered that he had accumulated huge debts to feed the unrestrained bet on the casino, while sources and other media reports indicate that he is under investigation by the RCMP. The MP said that the money he received from unidentified friends and family allowed him to pay off these debts, and that he did not receive a single income from the fundraising.

However, it remains unclear how much exactly the April event was generated, who donated or how money is used.

Breden Kaylie, a representative of the national headquarters of the federal party, did not answer questions about the amount of money contributed, although he noted that fundraising is often associated with substantial costs and a large number of unpaid guests.

“In all parties for well-organized local communities (riding associations) it is common to raise funds at the grassroots level not only for the most electoral period, but also to be able to involve their communities and build their campaigns long before the elections,” said Kaylee

Although the liberals took the initiative to ensure transparency in fundraising, which is the first among the major federal parties, they see how they publish details of the fundraising only where a member of the government or prime minister was present. Kaylee said that the liberals would not publish the names of those who bought the Brampton East fundraising tickets, noting that they had not been told in advance that their names would be made public.

Although parties must report all donations of more than $ 20 to the Canadian elections along with the donor's name, the deadline for submitting data for 2018 is no later than the end of March, after which the agency publishes this information on the Internet.

Through attorney Richard An, acting representative, Greval said the event was typical of fundraisers, which are regularly held by associations across the country.

It was the first such Brampton East gathering after the 2015 elections, while most riders hold them annually, An said. The deputy recalls that $ 190,000 was raised that night, but donations in the amount of $ 500 would have been received both before and after, the lawyer said.

And some of the guests would not have paid, he said, noting that the free invitations were sent out to the 26 local clubs of the elderly.

When contacted by the National Post, the president of the local riding association, Ajitpal Virac, refused to discuss the matter.

Most of the Cullens said that he had ever heard that any riding association collected $ 100,000 at such an event, and in rural districts such as him in British Columbia, $ 15,000 is considered a good option. Peter Kent, an ethical critic of conservatives, said that even the “big pay” fundraising of his association brings five-digit amounts.

“It’s like a stunning figure,” said Cullen, arguing that it’s It is unlikely that, in accordance with the election rules, horseback riding will be able to spend most of the money collected during the next campaign. "It stinks, everything stinks."

Cullen said that the party’s restraint regarding this event means that "questions will continue to flow." And he said he was “stunned” when the Commissioner for Election of Canada, whose role was to handle complaints about the course of the election, rejected his request to conduct an investigation. By telling him that there was no evidence that the crime could have been committed.

Checks from Mr. Gryual were not personally written checks.

The police may have gotten to the bottom of what happened to the cash, but “we will not hear for a while, if at all, in detail,” Kent predicted. Responding to a question about Grewal, the RCMP has repeatedly informed the Post that it does not comment on whether they are investigating a particular person or organization.

Travel cost limits depend in part on the duration of the campaign. Candidates for Brampton East were allowed to spend just over $ 200,000 in 2015 for one of the longest election periods in Canadian history, but the maximum period of a 37-day campaign is only about $ 100,000.

Regardless, the riding association will decide how to spend the money from the fundraising, An said.

“There were no checks from the riding association personally to Mr. Gryale,” he said.

In a message on Facebook on Friday night, Greval announced that in the end he would not step down as a member of parliament from Brampton East. Although he announced his resignation in November after news of his debts appeared, soon after, Greval said that the statement was “reckless” and that he would decide on his future in the new year. In a Friday report, he said that he "received treatment," and that the past few months "have been a period of tremendous personal growth."

"I look forward to returning to work updated, updated and charged," – said in a statement. Greval did not attend the question period when the House of Commons returned on Monday.

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