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LEGO, we have to talk

Picture: LEGO

I have forgiven the LEGO Technics Porsche GT3 RS for not being very similar to the GT3 RS because the kit of almost 3000 pieces contained some cool mechanical parts. The same with the Bugatti Chiron kit, which was released earlier this year. The Danish toy giant now has a new set of Technics, which allegedly approaches the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1. This is really bad.

True, it is relatively cheap. Compared to the price of $ 300 for a Porsche and $ 400 for a Bugatti, the Corvette offers $ 49.99 for a real deal. This is smaller and more complicated than the other two, which explains the price drop. But, man, hello, this thing is ugg.

Please allow me for a minute to put on my extremely white teacher in the voice of a school movie. LEGO, give me a rap for a minute. I love your products, I really love. That Ferrari F40 that you made a couple of years ago? That was incredible. VW Bus and Mini Cooper were also very fun. I know you have potential but you just spend it person. Do you have problems at home? You can Talk to me.

If this kit has one saving grace, it is that you can choose another car. Instead of the Corvette ZR1, LEGO will also provide you with instructions for assembling a vintage hot rod. Hot Rod looks almost right, which is a huge improvement over ZR1.

My suggestion for those who buy this kit is to first assemble the ZR1, because assembly is a lot of fun. Then tear it apart and turn it into an old hot rod, because this is what you really want to show on your shelf.

The kit will be available in stores and online January 1, 2019.

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