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Lavrenier lands in the hunter's kennel

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TSN reporter Mark Masters logs daily with news and notes about Team Canada, which was available to the media on Friday in Vancouver.

Why did Tim Hunter on the bench of the Remous Oceanic leave winger Alexis Lafreniera during World Juniors on Thursday?

“We showed him some video from the game in Denmark, and he skated as if it were free skating, a lot of laps in his game, and we were not happy with that,” said the head coach of the Canadian team. “And we talked to him about it, and we showed him a video and explained to him. I told him: “At the beginning of the game you are going to show me whether you understand it or not, and if you don’t do it.” We are going to limit your icy time. "

Johns Veleno's Voltigeir forward from Drummondville also reduced his playing time when Hunter reduced his bench to maintain the advantage of the third period against Switzerland.

“These guys didn't have a great game,” said Hunter. “We have to win games, so we are not talking about the evening on the ice. We will be much better against the Czechs than we were last night (Thursday). We have a lot of things that need to be removed, but I am Sure in our group that we will be better when we move on. "

Hunter pushed Shane Bowers from Boston University to the left side of Jaret Anderson-Dolan of Spokane and Nick Suzuki of Owen Sound, who used this trio in the match against the Swiss. Hamilton's Mackenzie Entwistle was raised from 13th place forward and is likely to remain the center on the fourth line with a platoon on its left side, Lafrenière and Veleno.

“We will meet with all the groups and talk with them about how we want each line to find its way into the game and get a little more clarity for them,” said Hunter. “We have not done that yet. We just waited for something to be found, but I think that now everything is becoming clearer. ”

The other two lines are the Portland Cody Glass between Maxim Komtua from Drummondville and Owen Tippett and Mississauga and Souste. Marie Barrett Heyton between the greyhound guy Morgan Frost and Prince Albert Brett Leeson will remain unchanged.

"They had a lot of chances to score," said Hunter. “They need to restore order to be slightly east-west in the attack zone and be closer to each other, but the chemistry in these lines is important. You leave these guys together. They are the top six guys in my opinion. ”

Seravalli: Lafreniere is in the WJC for a reason

Tim Hunter did not soften his words when discussing Alexis Lavrenier’s play against Denmark. TSN's senior ice hockey reporter Frank Seravalli (Mark Seravalli) joins Mark Masters to discuss how Hunter is coping with a 17-year-old football player, and talk about how great are the opportunities for the world juniors for his career.


Hunter does not plan to revise his power units after the Canadian team failed to convert five chances against the Swiss on Thursday evening. Four of these opportunities appeared in the third period, when the game hung in the balance.

“We would like to finish the game with a powerful goal,” the trainer admitted, “but these guys still find their way to play together and build the chemistry that a powerful game needs, and our powerful game. will be better when needed. "

Is he looking for a more mentality?

“There are five guys on the powerlifter, so we don’t need them to be selfish,” said Hunter. “We will give them some new wrinkles. They don't move the puck fast enough. They look at the seams, and when you look at the seam, it's too late. You must make a pass as soon as it turns on. " your tape, know that the seam is there and make a pass, and we are just waiting too long. "

With such a big skill in groups, the level of frustration increases a little.

“A little, yes,” admitted the defender of the “London Knights” Evan Bouchard, the defender of the main detachment. “It's a bit unpleasant not to see the puck enter. But it would be even more unpleasant if we had no chance … We just have to keep shooting. ”

The hunter sticks out with his power gaming units before the test against the Czechs

Despite the fact that Tim Hunter lost 2-0 in special teams in Switzerland, he said that he was sticking with two powerful Canadian units. James Doughty and Bob Mackenzie discuss his calculating approach and whether there will be any line changes before Canada’s third game against the Czech Republic.


It seemed that a penalty killing, as a result of which two goals were scored in similar backstage games against the Swiss, is more disturbing.

“This play, we watched it and knew about it, and our guys half slept on it, and so they scored,” said Hunter. “It also requires work. This is a tournament, so we don’t need our penalty to be great. ”

But Hunter's patience seems to be running out. Even before the game, he thought about it when he invited all the players to the penalty meeting – not just those who work on it in practice – so that everyone knows the game plan. This gave the coach more opportunities for staff, and he took advantage of Tippet and Komtua in the lack of time in the final stages.

"Our two top players are so put them in that situation," explained Hunter. "They were urgent, they were desperate, and they did their job."

Lison, who kills fines in Prince Albert, also received some time.

“The whole point is to be aggressive,” said the defender of the University of Denver, Jan Mitchell. “Any power game is hard to play against pressure and move pucks quickly, so I think that the more we work together, we will start working like a tandem and work as one. ".

Kurashev scored on the power game even on the game

At the beginning of the second period, the Swiss took advantage of the inability of Canadians to clear the zone, and Philip Kurashev did not make a mistake by choosing the game with a score of 1: 1.


The Canadian defensive line-up will remain together after a determined effort against the Swiss. Ty Smith, who leads the big minutes in Spokane from WHL, was in the hot seat, gaining an average of one minute per shift in the first match against Denmark.

“We were not happy with this, and he was the best last night at 37 seconds (per) shift,” said Hunter. "He played hard and pushed, pushed off to get this message, and that's all you expect."

Smith, the prospect of the New Jersey Devils, and others who extended shifts during a breakthrough victory over the Danes, were spotted before setting foot on the ice against the Swiss.

“We published the duration of shifts before the game, and in the morning we talked with them about it, and all the guys who were over 45 saw it,” noted Hunter.


“Our shifts were great last night,” said Hunter. "Analytics show that you are in the best condition for up to 37 seconds, and then after that, if you work hard and maximize your efforts, you start to decrease in intensity."

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Gord Miller and Ray Ferraro break the Canadian defense game before goalkeeper Ian Scott and how it propelled them to a 23-0 record over the Swiss at the World Junior Championships.


Bouchard said that a phone call from Connor McDavid, who won the gold medal at the World Junior Championships in 2015, strengthened the team before the tournament.

“It's pretty cool to hear his side, as it were, and what they did to team up,” said Bouchard.

What stood out the most from the McDavid message?

“Do not pay attention to everything that is happening around you,” said Bouchard, “especially because there will be a lot of hype in Canada.”

Bouchard said that McDavid's advice is one of the reasons why players, as a group, decided to stay away from social networks during the tournament. And so far, Captain Oilers has not been the only high-profile guest speaker.

“We asked Sidney Crosby to send a message to the players,” said Hunter. “We also had Manny Malhotra's conversation with the team. Hockey Canada uses alumni to their advantage, they have excellent alumni, a local guy such as Manny, and then several telephone interviews and telephone conversations with Sydney and Connor McDavid. This is a powerful weapon, a powerful tool for us, and these guys are excited when they hear from them. "

Bouchard: Canadian team inspired by a call from McDavid

Evan Bouchard said that in the run-up to the tournament, the Canada team received a call from Connor MacDavid, and the captain of the Oilers shed light on what to expect from playing in their native land and how to attract additional media attention.


Planned composition for Saturday's game:


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