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Kate Middleton hopes Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis will learn languages

By: Meaghan Wray

Before Duchess of Sussex I said
do "to Prince william and became a member of the Royal Family, she was quite
worldly young woman. Having studied the history of art at Andrew University,
lived in Jordan with his family and worked as a father in Solent, Kate
She has an infinite amount of skills that she will pass on to her children. And there is
the one that she took in Italy, that the hope for the three trinity will hold, she
during a visit on November 28 in Leicester.

During a university break, Kate,
she spent time studying her degree in Florence, as well as studying Italian
on the side. To the joy of some royal well-wishers in Leicester on
On November 28, Kate demonstrated some of her skills by telling "ciao" to one before adding
that her Italian was not quite up to par. "I have to make sure my children
better than me, that's my goal, ”she swore.

Kate and William met well-wishers in Leicester. Photo: © Neil P. Mockford / Getty Images

While the 36 year old her
language skills fall by the wayside – given its many royal duties, and its majority
treasured work as mom Prince george, Princess charlotte and Prince louis
she is sure that her children choose other languages ​​while they are still young.
Last year, Duchess Kate shared the fact that her five-year-old boy was going to
Spaniard from the baby-sitter, Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo.

During a visit to Gloucestershire
the kingdom shared its dreams and Charlotte, according to
nine-year-old Sayanna: "She said she was trying to teach Charlotte in Spanish and
said her son George can count to ten in spanish already.
Charlotte is not too far from her older brother – in fact, the source
that a three-year-old child catches pretty quickly, saying that she is “very cute”
and sure – she always talks. "

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