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JONES: Hitch says mind changes

Congratulations, Hitch. Well deserved.

Now … what have you done for us lately?

It was announced that it had been selected in the United States.

He has been in the United States of America since he was in Edmonton.

And there will be more celebrations to come following his induction here this summer.

Hell Hillscock, Cossacks Hall of Fame

But Thursday is Jan. , Late late 31

“I agree with that,” he said, “23-24-3) left fired general manager Peter Chiarelli that the cavalry isn't coming on the trade deadline.

“I didn’t want to wear a suit today. I wanted to do my work. So they said ‘Come out for 10 minutes. Put a suit on. And go right back to work. I’m not interested in the press conference at Rogers Place.

“My whole focus right now is the Edmonton Oilers. I know I haven’t been feeling everybody’s angst over the past 12 or 13 years. ”

It is clear that there has been a loss of time.

After a 9-2-2 start with a 14-14-2 record.

There would be a 2–2-2 stretch card game.

“He didn’t spend his time on the holiday. He wanted to spend more time on his mind.

“I think that’s real.”

It’s not a problem. practice Thursday and a 9 a.m. Saturday and Sunday for practice games Saturday and Sunday.

“You couldn’t say what he turned.

“I’m not thinking I’m the smartest guy. “I wanted people,” added Hitchcock.

I ask you to see it again.

“I’m thinking about the offensive zone. Offensive zone. It’s how you can get it. That’s trying to do.

“It’s based on my 30 games of observation. I’m trying to change the belief system. I’m trying to elevate the belief system.

“The team of veteran players, leaders, everything. It was done with a lot of work. We just didn’t take a holiday.

“To me, when you hesitate you lose. I’m trying to get rid of all the hesitation. ”

To me, it’s about to win the little battles. They win. When they don’t, they lose.

“You’re 100 per cent right,” said Hitchcock. “Next 32 games

It has been shown that there has been a decrease in the number of participants.

“I’m dug in deeper than I’ve ever been in any situation. I know how I feel about this team. This means everything to me. ”

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