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Jim Ross continues to deny participation in the entire elite struggle

In a recent release of his podcast (transcribed via Wrestlezone), Jim Ross continued to deny any involvement in All Elite Wrestling and much more …

WWE does not use 205 live stars on raw: "It's complicated. Listen, while WWE does three-hour START on Monday evening, and we all understand the financial implications of three hours, I get it and for this reason, the old “unreliability” quote, I don’t mind a three-hour show. I think there are some things that they can add to this. I think they can add a little more than 205 [Live] the content and the attempt, at least the attempt by the national audience, the wider audience, to attract some of these talented young guys who are in mark 205. I do not understand this because they will always be perceived as “this is an online show, this is a digital the show, and they are not really the main stars of any type, it's just those little guys, pre-boys. They don't even put them in RAW or SmackDown very often: “I think this is a bad perception.”

On the rumors, he participates in all elite wrestling: “I’ve been rumored to be in every role in this company, and what you learn is eye rocking, I swear to God that it’s rocking. At some point, this is Jericho and I, and I thought, "This is really stupid." Jericho and I are going to spend all the money we spent on these years to fight. “No, are you crazy? Are you crazy? "Secondly, then we do not participate at all. These are the other guys who are really the driving forces and shakers. There is nothing here to move here, people. Nothing to shake. I dodge all the problems here, Dave, or there is something I don’t say that people don’t understand. ”

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