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Jim Bob Duggar Hates Husband Jill Douggar, Derik Dillard?

It is well known that young women often marry men who resemble their fathers, regardless of whether they intend to do it or not. Daughters in the Duggar family are no exception – many are married to men very similar to their father, Jim Bob.

Duggars became known ten years ago, when 19 children and bill First Premiere at TLC. The show followed the lives of a conservative Christian family, as they managed to test the upbringing of so many children. In the Duggar family, the father was the literal and figurative head of the family, working, making decisions and managing the household. Jim Bob Duggar reigned supreme over his wife and children in a traditional patriarchal family.

Jim Bob helped choose the spouses of his children

When his daughters were old enough to marry, they didn’t just go out and choose their spouses. Instead, Jim Bob had to approve and bless the partnership before the couple could start caring. This means that he had a hand in choosing each of the spouses of his daughters, including Derik Dillard, Ben Zevald, Jeremy Vuolo and Austin Forsythe. But does Jim Bob regret his decision?

Many people hate Derik Dillard

Probably the most controversial spouse in the Duggar clan is Derik Dillard. This outspoken ultraconservative has been criticized and even fired from the popular extra family show Duggar, Expect onAfter comments he made about Jazz Jennings.

Dillard was accused of making statements against LGBT people, as in August 2017, when he said: "What an oxymoron … show" reality "that follows unreality". “Transgender” is a myth. ” Later, in June 2018, he responded to the sex confirmation operation in Jazz and said: “The system that permits this kind of child abuse is clearly broken.”

In addition to these comments, some fans also believe that Dillard cheated on Jill Douggar. It is based on mysterious bible verses that Dillard tweeted, which referred to adultery.

That's what Jim Bob really thinks about Derik Dillard

Although he never publicly claimed any negative feelings toward Derik Dillard, rumors of hostility between Jim Bob and Derik have circulated for years. And you know what they say – there is some truth in most rumors.

Chief among them is the idea that Derik made the couple leave the show, leaving them without the opportunity to support their young family. Starring Expect on was the main source of family income, and now, when the couple had to leave, it had a huge pressure on their finances. Jim Bob was apparently very upset that he would have to continue to provide them with financial support until Derik finished law school.

Jill Duggar Rises Against His Father's Rules

But that's not all – many fans have noticed that Jill continues to rebel against his father’s strict rules, and her husband seems to support this. For example, women Duggar allowed to wear only skirts, but not pants, and, of course, no shorts. That's why it was so shocking when Derik photographed his wife Jill Daggar while they were going camping. She was dressed in the usual clothes for hot weather – shorts and a tank top. But if you know Duggars and Jim Bob in particular, then you know that this choice of clothes is anything but ordinary.

Will Jill and Derik Dillard ever break up?

In the end, it doesn't matter what Jim Bob Duggar thinks about Derik Dillard. As soon as the daughter leaves her father's home, she becomes her husband's partner and no longer has to follow her father’s rules. And if this is not an extreme case, it is likely that the parents of Jill Duggar will ever advocate a divorce (this is forbidden in the Duggar religion).

Nowadays, even if Derik Dillard may feel irritated, Jim Bob will most likely smile and put up with his daughter's husband. In the end … he has no one to blame but himself for the match.

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