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James Benn from Stars responds to CEO comments

Dallas Stars forward Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin met with the media on Saturday, the day after Star CEO Jim Lietes tore two stars.

Benn told reporters that he is playing "for everyone in this room," and not for his CEO.

Lits broke two of his stars on Friday, saying: "They are a horse, I do not know how else to express it."

“The team was fine,” continued Lites, referring to a 2-0 win over Nashville. "But (Tyler) Seguin and (Jamie) Benn were terrible."

Seguin and Benn lead this season with 32 and 30 points respectively. However, these numbers are good enough to take only 60th and 71st places on the NHL leaderboard on Saturday.

Benn is involved in the second season of the eight-year deal, which will bring $ 9.5 million, and Seguin will begin his eight-year deal for $ 78.8 million ($ 9.85 million) in 2019–20.

“These guys are not good enough. They are not good enough for me, they are not good enough for the owner, and they are certainly not good enough for a CEO who I cannot speak for, but this is not good enough for the work he did, ”said Lyts. “But we had a meeting after meeting after meeting. There is no responsibility on the ice. These guys were signed on big contracts because they were the third and sixth leading scorers in the National Hockey League for the past five years. They get their money, we expect that they will not be replayed in every game we play.

"And if they were as good as they were in the past, we would not have this conversation."

The stars (19-16-3) outstripped Vancouver by one point and took second place in the “substitute map” of the Western Conference, and won one playoff series after the acquisition of Seguin in the off-season 2013.

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