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Jamal Adams: Jets need more “dogs” to become rivals

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FOXBOROUGH, Massachusetts – Jamal adams never held back his opinion before, so he will not be when he talks with GM Mike McCanyan about the future of the planes. And Maccanyan is better to listen, because Adams is absolutely right.

This Jets team does not have enough good players on its list. And out of the $ 100 million that can be spent on salary constraints, they better find excellent ones if they really want this team to compete.

“You have to go for the players, dude,” Adams said in the locker room after the Jets finished their season with a terrible 38-3 loss to the “New England Patriots”. “You need to find outstanding players. You need to get the names. It's simple. You look at the best teams. You look at the Saints, you look at the Rams, you look at the Chicago Bears. ” You look at all these commands … Come on, man. You must have players. "

Jets are simply missing what Adams called "dogs." It was obvious the whole season when I looked at their composition. With the exception of Adams, they have no star; they have no players changing the game; and they have no one whom teams should plan on both sides of the ball.

Or, as one of the NFL executives told SNY last week, “What kind of guy on their team scares you? An attacker or defender, who is the guy who should be worried about the opponent and the game plan? ”In fact, there is no guy. "

The 23-year-old Adams sees this when he inspects the Jets dressing room. That's why he insisted the whole season that what was happening with the planes was not Todd Bowles’s mistake. He knew that his coach was not playing a fully-made deck.

"This is nothing against players who are here," said Adams. “My wonderful teammates. Great brothers. And we have talent. But we are not always in some places. You can't go around the bush, dude. That's why we lost. We were beating around the bush. You can not beat around the bush. You must be real with yourself. "

Here's a reality check: Jets have no offensive weapons and no one who could throw himself at a passerby. That's why they have to run on Le beon bell, superstar, free agent, running back. And then they have to sign a defensive monster like DeMarcus Lawrence or Jadeveon clowney or Dante Fowlerdepending on who is actually available. They should also take advantage of their high thrust and star. Do not be shy and do not be cheap.

They have a team filled with players of depth and roles. They no longer need.

Adams also plans to contribute. He said he would be an active recruiter. And yes, "Bell is one (what he wants), obviously, but there are so many guys."

He just needs McCannan to do his part — spend or even overspend, if necessary — all that is needed to convince existing stars that New York Jets is what they need. And he will be frank about this because he is passionate and intelligent and understands that he is going to enter his third NFL season.

He knows that the Jets have no eternity to get it right.

“I'm just trying to make the most of opportunities,” said Adams. “Because this game is running out of time. She is not waiting for anyone. I understand it".

McCannan and Jets should understand this too. The restoration continues, it would seem, forever. They found their protector of the franchise, and this is the most difficult thing to look for. Now they must surround Sam Darnold and Adams with the players they deserve. They need big names, big players and big dogs.

Otherwise, they will never play larger games.

“We finished the season 4-12. This is my standard. This should not be the standard Jets, ”said Adams. “This has to change. You have to bring players here, dude. It is so simple. This is not rocket science.

“I am not going to sit here and say that we have talent. We have a lot of talent on the team, but we don’t have a lot of dogs on the team. We just do not have. "

Now Maccanier needs to find them, and you are “damn right” that Adams is going to tell him that. It may be the largest, most important off-season in aircraft history, and they need to treat it that way.

They must be big dogs in a free show, so all big dogs will want to play for them.

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