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"It's heartbreaking": the grieving rider's sister says

CTV Vancouver

Published Friday, December 28, 2018 18:15 PST

Last Updated: Friday, December 28, 2018 7:07 PM.

The sister of a man killed on the run in East Vancouver this week says she can't stop thinking about how things would have happened if the driver had just stopped to help.

One passerby found that 39-year-old Donnell Ozher was seriously injured at Kingsway near Glen Drive just before 3 am on Thursday. The victim died shortly after he was taken to hospital for treatment.

“It’s very sad to know that he may have survived,” said Auge's sister, Suzette Amaya, on CTV News on Friday. "You left my brother there alone and did not take responsibility, but now it is very difficult for our family."

Just a few hours after the police released a statement asking the public for help in finding the driver and car, the sergeant. Jason Robillard confirmed that the police identified the suspect, but said he would not make a decision on the charges until the full investigation was completed.

"The 54-year-old driver in this case, after all, did the right thing," said Robillard. "He was released pending further investigation."

It is unclear how long Auger remained at the scene before he was discovered, a fact that makes these already difficult days even harder for his grieving family.

“Our family is very shocked right now,” said Amaya. “It all happened so suddenly. We just celebrated Christmas together with the whole family. ”

Auger leaves three children, and the Amaya community says he considers his family.

“My brother was such a person that anyone who becomes his friend becomes his family, so many people are now grieving,” she said. “It's just such a tragedy, and it's just hard for us to handle.”

Auger is remembered as a funny, loving person who devoted himself to the work of a landscape designer.

“It was his passion, and he loved to talk about it, and he loved his children,” his sister said. "He was a family man."

And this is not the first time this type of tragedy has struck the family.

Auger and Amaya lost their father after being hit by a bus to Hastings Street in the 1980s.

The family and friends of the victim gathered at a candlelight vigil at the place where he was killed on Friday evening.

With files from ETV Agahi in Vancouver

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