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In the end, ready to give a shoe to smoke? 2019 may just be your year

Smoking was a hot topic this year!

Addiction to smoking was in the spotlight after the decision of the Minister of Health to amend South African laws regarding tobacco and nicotine use – whether cigarettes, cigars, buns or new electronic devices.

The proposed laws also prohibit such things that make tobacco use attractive, such as advertising and fashion branding. They will either be completely banned or replaced by dark, scary images showing the effect of smoking on your body.

The constantly rising price of these items causes discontent, the fact that there can no longer be a place for smoking in restaurants and that it becomes harder and harder to smoke because finding “certain places” is becoming more difficult.

Many of you are considering smoking a shoe in the new year, and to help you with this, we have collected 10 of our main stories that will help make the journey a little easier:

1. LOOK: How many people smoke around the world?

Statistics may surprise you …

woman smokes in a cafe

2. That's why your e-cigarette with a vanilla or cinnamon flavor is toxic.

These seductive smells from your e-cigarette can be a health hazard.

exploding electronic cigarette

3. Can one cigarette per day kill you?

The minimum amount of smoking can be harmful – even if you are not an ordinary smoker. That's why

4. Would you quit smoking for money?

According to the study, smokers who are offered monetary incentives are more likely to drop cigarettes than those who are simply offered advice on how to quit smoking.

young people smoke in the bar

5. How to create your own smoking cessation plan

Change the habits that promote tobacco use, and it will be easier to quit smoking forever.

smoking while working at the table

6. Passive smoking is also harmful to pets.

Experts warn that dogs and cats not only inhale tobacco smoke, but can swallow harmful substances by licking their hair, skin and clothing.

passive smoking is also harmful to pets

7. Teenage vapers are more likely to smoke.

A survey of students from Los Angeles showed that adolescents who often vape are twice as likely to smoke weekly.

teenagers smoke electronic cigarettes

8. This is how vaping can cause cancer.

In studies, laboratory mice exposed to electronic cigarette smoke had more DNA damage in the heart, lungs, and bladder compared to control mice.

9. Stop smoking? Even a little exercise will help you stay slim.

The best results in limiting weight gain after quitting smoking were found in women who worked for 150 minutes of moderate intensity per week.

a woman is running along the trail

10. 10 myths about smoking people still believe

Do you justify your smoking addiction with one of the following statements? We separate fact from delusion.

10 myths about smoking people still believe

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