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"I knew that Vince hates and respects this."

Enzo Amore last night appeared in the comedy club "Westside" and explained his ambiguous appearance in the TV series "Survivor", because of which he was expelled from the arena. Sports Illustrated Justin barrasso visited the show and shared some videos of the former WWE heavyweight champion explaining his actions.

“It had nothing to do with my music,” said Amore, who released his first rap album on the same week of the event. “I did it because I knew for sure that Vince McMahon would hate it more than anything in the world, but he would respect that. That's why I did it. It was about one person. I proved to him that I can beat him in his own game of statistics and numbers. I don’t even work for your company, I didn’t break the law and bought a ticket. ”

He also described in detail how he was thrown away. “I looked at her and said:“ Lisa, I am a good person. And you know it! This was the most intimate moment that I had with a woman in recent years. She says: "You need to go see Vince." I do not work here, Lisa! Suddenly she says: “You have to go,” and then I see the police go, the guards are on all sides, and then I look at her and just say: “I deserve the best.” Then she slowly let go of my shirt, and when the police and the guards were approaching, I went out, "I went out" and got out through the side door, and there was a Uber waiting for me. Made a photo with two fans, and then jumped into Uber. How are you?"

This, at least, proves that Enzo is as interesting as before.

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