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I just started to play an artifact, and I'm already inclined to spend money

Image: Valve (Artifact)

Valve has finally got a new game. Can you believe it? Card game based Dota 2, Artifact launched today on Steam. After having tricked him for several hours, I can tell you that there are actually a lot of things that happen in Artifactbut that is also one of the most affordable card games that I have played, at least when you first start.

Although he makes obvious comparisons with Blizzard & # 39; s home and Magic: Collect (whose creator is really ArtifactLead designer), he plays much more as a real-time strategy game translated into maps. This is not surprising considering Artifact inspired by Dota 2, MOBA, which originally began life as a fashion Warcraft 3,

At the same time, it's wonderful how Artifact feels like a card game just by name. Of course, you open card packs, build decks, and then hope that you will draw a good starting combination after the start of each match. But during the instant game, every decision and potential compromise is measured in terms of how this will affect the positioning and relative strength of the troops on the battlefield.

I swear the game is not as hard as it seems.
Screenshot: Valve (Artifact)

Here's how Artifact is playing. Two players start with decks consisting of at least 40 cards, but as many as they want. Each of them has five hero cards that are color coded as red, blue, green or black. Each match takes place on the battlefield, which is divided into three lanes, with one turn, including action on all three, from left to right. These separate lanes have a tower on both sides with 40 health. Heroes of players are placed through them, causing damage to the tower for each turn, if not blocked, because other creatures and spells are playing. When the tower is destroyed, the Ancient One appears, which has 80 health. One side wins either by destroying enemy towers on two separate boards, or in Ancient.

Make sense?

Probably no. And this is with me, skipping a lot of important details, for example, the fact that the towers produce mana, which must play a card in a given lane, and that at the end of each turn, the number of dead creatures determines how much gold you get to buy cards that are added to your hand and can be played for free. ArtifactThe tutorial gives you an excellent job of explaining everything so that you can share mostly pre-script matches against bots, without going too far into the weeds.

After completing the tutorial, and then continuing to play a bunch more matches against the opponents of a person with pre-built and custom-made decks, here are some of my initial thoughts:

  • Artifact should be free to play. Is not. It costs 20 dollars. This gives you two starting decks and 10 packs of cards, each of which usually costs $ 2 on your own. You also get five tickets to events, which you can use to enter drafts to win more cards. But for the most part you will probably get your cards by buying new packages or by buying them separately on the Steam Marketplace. This means that the initial $ 20 is more of a down payment than the full cost of the game. I find it hard to see someone get in Artifact without spending more money on it because, unlike homeThere is no daily mechanism for completing tasks or collecting in-game currency and using it to slowly create your collection. You just need to spend. And speaking of which …
Everyone is desperately trying to fool this guy.
Screenshot: Valve (Artifact)
  • I'm sorry to spend $ 16 on the most expensive Artifact card. Ax is one of my favorite characters to play Dota 2He is big, strong, red, and, as you can imagine, carries a giant ax. AT Artifact, there are special cards associated with the hero that are automatically filled in the deck when a hero is selected. Ax players receive a “Berserker call” that allows them to have one of their heroes fighting another enemy than the one before them. In the game, which is primarily concerned with positioning, this is a huge deal.

    As a result, Ax is currently the most valuable card in the game, which is why it is so expensive to buy straight. At the same time, my gut, along with some math due to the envelope, tells me that I better pay $ 16 for it (or less, the price seems to drop sharply) if I really need an Ax, and don't spend so much on card packs to get it. This is the magic of a collectible card game that is tied to the digital market.

  • Artifact makes a good balance between being interesting to watch and not overfill the screen with too much information. The game only shows one lane at a time, and this is a fairly simple click between them or scaling to see the whole board immediately. It is much less Dota 2 and much more homethat, in my opinion, is wonderful because home perhaps the best user interface of any game.
  • I like how these little things worry when you're completely screwed.
Sorry brother!
Screenshot: Valve (Artifact)
  • Big red X over things that are about to die is very useful. I'm not as sharp as before. Especially when playing a challenging card game in bed at 2:00 in the morning. Artifact knows well what will happen before it happens, including how much damage enemies and towers will fight against when the turn is over, making it easy to decide which cards to play before, to make sure that what you want to happen.
  • Artifact feels like a new type of card game. We had glimpses of various ways to make card games from last year, when home launched single-player "Dungeon Runs", and more recently Kill spire, dungeon, crawling on the rogelik, whose combat mechanics is based on cards. Artifact feels like an extension of both of these ideas, taking things like mana costs, blocking creatures and defending the tower, and using them to try to recreate a strategic gaming experience in a slightly different context. Although I'm not sure that I will fall in love Artifact in the same way i did Dota 2, it already feels as far as the best new video card of the year. Sorry Gwnt,

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