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How much money does Chris Jenner earn on “Keeping up with Kardashians”?

Chris Jenner Chris Jenner | Getty Images / Christopher Polk

Keep up with the Kardashians Still gaining momentum, and there is a good reason Chris Jenner signed a new agreement in 2017 to continue the show. Jenner not only earns money for the show, but also manages the careers of everyone else. Therefore, she did much to conclude this new deal. So, how much does Jenner make of Keep up with the Kardashians? Here is everything you need to know.

Chris Jenner received $ 15 million in manager remuneration for making a new deal for Keep up with the Kardashians

Chris Jenner and Kim Kardashian Chris Jenner and Kim Kardashian | Getty Images / Christopher Polk

A mother gets 15% of her children's business when she helps make a new deal. Therefore, when the family had to sign a new contract with E! Chris Jenner received a big salary. Nevertheless, it allowed them to get off easily, taking only 10%, which, according to TMZ, was $ 15 million.

The family has signed a contract for 150 million dollars for 5 seasons

Rob Kardashian and Chris Jenner Rob Kardashian and Chris Jenner on how to keep up with the Kardashians | E!

So what did the rest of the family make of the deal? The same report said that the family earned $ 150 million, but after Chris Jenner cut back, they divided $ 135 million. This deal brings the family to 2019, so they will have to agree again.

Chris Jenner spoke with Ellen DeGeneres on her show about her responsibilities as a manager and executive producer. Keep up with the KardashiansWhen asked if her only responsibility was to share the remaining money between her family, she replied: “This is a kind of group decision. I was lucky if I was paid.

She continued: “Everyone is paid the same way, because we all shoot a lot. We all work hard. We all created this show and this brand over the past decade, so I think it was a little out of context. ”

Jenner said they are not ready to say no

Chris and Kylie Jenner Chris and Kylie Jenner | Fraser Harrison / Getty Images

But did the family ever think about turning off the show? “We simply were not ready to say no.” When we made our deal, they said, “Do you want to do it again? “We kind of got a voice,” said the manager to DeGeneres. “We all agreed that we would really have missed it if we hadn’t done so. I'm excited and you never know what will happen on Keep up with the Kardashians."

Thus, Chris Jenner earned $ 15 million to make a new deal for the family, while $ 135 million remained to be divided between family members. Jenner claims that she is not the one who decides who gets what after that. This deal was 50% higher than the last one signed by the family, so they are likely to get even more money if they sign again in 2019.

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