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How Megan Markle's dad Thomas Markle spent Christmas 2018

Megan Markle had just spent Christmas with the royal family at Sandringham, where she walked, ate fresh pheasant and drank tea with the queen and Kate Middleton. But while she rested with Prince Harry’s extraordinarily elegant family, her family remained at home behind the pond.

According to rumors, mother Megan Doria Ragland spent Christmas with Queen & Co., but instead decided to hang herself in Los Angeles, where she was photographed by paparazzi. Doria appeared to be all her lonely – although, obviously, it is quite possible that she had a bunch of friends and family in her house.

Doria hangs out with Megan and Harry in September.

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Meanwhile, Thomas Markle was photographed in the deportation of the deportees in Tijuana, Mexico, on Christmas Eve, and saw that he wore a Santa Claus hat and distributed gifts to children at a homeless shelter earlier that day. Thomas was accompanied by several friends, not to mention several photographers – and although many are confident that he will accuse him of posing another publicity stunt, a good deed is a good deed!

In related news, it is unclear whether Megan contacted her father on Christmas, but given the series of nasty tweets that her sister Samantha Markl recently published, I think not.

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