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The Rangers, despite having outfitted Flyers 38-19 and outplayed their opponent after the first 100 seconds of the game, lost 1-0 in their return to action on Tuesday. Anthony Stolars did what, apparently, each reserve goalkeeper did to New York, stoned them, turning it into an impenetrable force. The main news before, and probably during the game, was combing Paul Buchnevich by coach David Quinn.

Game summary:

Post Game David Quinn:

Before the game, discuss the scratches of Pavel Buchnevich:

the lines with sitting Buch and Mats Zuccarello with a foot infection:

Smith / Pionk-Shattenkirk


one) Buchnevich – Scratch Buch in a game where Zucca is not – non-optimal right bits. Do not add a single 38 shots goal with an even greater material advantage, and, of course, Rangerstwitter on fire. With Brett Howden, who now “briefly” came out because of a knee injury, it is quite possible that Bukh will fall, especially since the 11/7 format, despite a good game, did not lead to goals, but if Zucca’s leg injury had healed enough play, if Buch sits down again, we will be on Defcon 1.

We all swore when coach Alain Vigno was sitting at Bukhnevich. Now with the second coach, whose mandate is very different from AV, since he does not have to win immediately, Buchnevich is also scratching, perhaps, this is a player, not a coach. Is it an effort, a body language, or a combination of them, where does Quinn sit at Buchnevich? With 15 points in 32 games, its production is not stellar, but with a fourth line of duty and a gaming line, this result is reasonable. Obviously, other reasons make Buchnevich sit in the press.

Larry Brooks well described what kind of message Bukhnevich. The last paragraph below is the key. If he doesn't get it now, he probably never will. But I also believe that you cannot hire talent to get second-rate profit only to return an asset, do I need to remind everyone about Alexey Kovalev many years ago. We hope that the message has been received and will be properly included by Buch in his game, as a result of which we will talk about his work and how well he plays, and not about what he should sit.

This is not just a wake-up call, also when it comes in the first match of the club after an extended break bye / All-Star, which began on January 20, not when it comes without a turn to insert another forward into the mix, not when already happened three times.

Rather, it’s an airborne siren that David Quinn burst into Bukhnevich’s ear, who obviously had enough of a third-year professional on the ice before he made this terrific decision.

Yes, Bukhnevich should be unpleasant (nine points, six assists, 15 points in 32 games) to get relatively small doses of the game five to five, and in a team that is eager for offensive loot. But his diminishing icy time came on him, and not in the first year of the coach, who followed a veteran coach named Alain Vigno, who, oh miracle, was a winger with almost the same tough love.

Peripheral numbers are not enough.

2) Hayes, the third leading scorer on the team, returned to the squad, working between Brett Howden on the left and Jimmy Vesy on the right. But after Howden left halfway through the first period with a knee injury, Heys found himself in the middle of the second line with Philip Chitil and Jesper Fast on his wings. Hayes, who missed nine games with an injury to his upper body, at 22:25 struck six shots on goal in his first game since January 2.

3) Chris Crader – dominant performance, five shots and six hits. But when he had to raise the puck, he did not, and when he could shoot, he raised the puck. Probably could have scored 2-3 goals last night.

four) Anthony Stolars and Flyers – Look at these numbers from the post-game review on All you can do is scratch your head.

It was the first closing of the season and the second in the NHL for Stoliarz, who had not played for the Flyers since receiving a lower body injury in the first lesion period with a score of 5: 1 in the Vancouver Canucks on December 15. victory, Stolarz 3-3-2 with 3.44 goals versus average and 0.896 percent save in 10 games (eight starts) for the Flyers this season. He had a 3.90 GAA against all other teams before he became the second coming of Terry Souchuk.

Oscar Lindblom, defeating four Rangers on goal, scored Philadelphia (21–23–6), which was ahead of rivals by 20–10 during the longest active series of victories (five games) in the NHL.

The pilots won six games in a row against the Rangers, eliminating them in three of the last four.

five) Valley on Georgieva:

6) Another one just addedNew York is not going to give up assets to attract a well-known free agent. This is counterproductive, does not make sense, and runs counter to the management, who said that they will do this season. In a free agency, July will come or just earlier, then be sure to be aggressive. This means that there are no deals for Artemi Panarin, especially what was suggested in the comments in another blog, because Columbus would probably laugh at this proposal. It also means that now you cannot deal with someone like Tyler Seguin or someone like that. Expired assets will be moved, and Hayes is unknown. Those that are considered part of the future will remain, and even if a potential future asset is moved, it will be for someone under contract or under control for several more seasons.

It will be interesting to see the combination of lines in practice and on Thursday evening. I will attend the game. Let me know if any of you will be the same.

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