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Halifax Council voted to speed up snow removal

Coun. Sean Cleary's move to speed up snow removal for pavements and bus stops was frozen by his Halifax regional council colleagues on Tuesday.

The Council voted in favor of the Cleary Movement 11-6.

“We already have residents who call us 10 minutes before the snow stops wondering why their street is not plowed,” said the count. Bill Carsten.

“I believe that the expectations of our citizens in 99% of cases are too high.”

Cleary offered to clean or pickle bike lanes and sidewalks in the center of Halifax and Dartmouth every four to eight hours during prolonged weather events, when 30 centimeters or less of snow is expected.

After the end of the storm the snow will be cleared within 12 hours. Cleaning on the sidewalks and cycle paths outside the central areas along the bus routes and shopping streets will be held within 16 hours after the storm.

Cleary suggested that faster snow removal would help the municipality meet the goals of the Integrated Mobility Plan, which targets pedestrians, transit users, cyclists and other viable alternatives to one-person vehicles.

“In almost every major city, snow removal standards are faster than ours,” Cleary said.

Many advisers have undermined the idea of ​​accelerating snow removal. (Craig Paisley / CBC)

Some advisers objected that, saying that in some areas snowfall is much worse than in Halifax. Others were concerned about the additional costs that would go with the Cleary Plan.

“We can also build our streets in gold. We can do anything, but money is needed for that, ”said Karsten.

Coun. Tim Authit supported this proposal, but wondered what to expect from the galigons from snow removal.

“We seem to be trying to promise our residents that they will never again have to walk, ride a bike or drive a car over snow or ice, and, if so, move to Florida,” he said.

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