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Go inside … or outside … create Fallout 3

This weekend, the Shesez Boundary Break series on YouTube brings up a very hot topic: Fallout. Passing through the fourth, fifth, sixth (to infinity) walls, Shezez reveals many details that are somewhat non-canonical, but if they are in the game, I think they are canonical?

A great discovery, of course, is what a player's mother looks like. In this story, she dies in childbirth, leaving Ol-Qui-Gonna to raise your rebellious soul in absentia. But Shezuzu manages to go into the delivery room, turn on the light and find out her true appearance. And now I want to go back and play Fallout 3 with someone who looks more like her.

The other sets that Chezes discovers show how game developers effectively control the worlds they create before moving on. I was pleased to see Tranquility Lane – the eerie side adventure found in Asylum 112 – made in full color. It makes sense though. Why do developers spend time developing the environment in shades of sepia, instead of just creating something with the help of existing tools and palettes and imposing a filter on it?

This is a great video for a slow weekend, which reminds you how deep the knowledge is, despite what many people rightly criticize for their subtle and repetitive experience in the last chapter. Fallout 76,

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