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BC Hydro warns homeowners who build sophisticated festive lighted displays that these decorations can significantly increase energy costs.

A new report from the Crown utility says that by 2011, outdoor lighting power has dropped by about 40 percent, because LED bulbs have replaced incandescent bulbs, but the trend for larger displays has increased the load by 15 percent since.

Popular inflatable holiday decorations are among the most brutal criminals, because Hydro says they usually work day and night.

The BC Hydro report shows that almost 60 percent of households put out festive coverage, and every fifth of these households use at least eight strands of lights.

Hydro also estimated that about a third of the lights that are still in use are energy-saving incandescent bulbs and say that if the infamous festive show in the film “Christmas Holidays of the National Lamphun” was white-hot, it would be worth $ 4,700 for lighting.

The report says the bill will drop to about $ 50 if the light goes on, and he urges Hydro customers to switch to an energy efficient version.


Canada is a month behind the federal carbon tax to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our countries, but a new survey by Angus Reid shows that Canadians are divided into climate change.

The report states that one in three Canadians are skeptical about whether climate change is a fact caused by human activity.

The study also shows that demographic differences between Canadians by age and political ideology are the main differences on this issue.

Younger Canadians between the ages of 18 and 34 appear to have an increased sense of anxiety compared to older respondents regarding the threat of climate change.

Then there is politics, while more than four times out of five liberal and new democrats believe that climate change is a fact, this number is only a third of those who voted for the Conservative Party in 2015.

Other key findings include:

  • Half of Canadians (49%) say they have noticed significant changes in their local climate. Another 37% say they believe that they have noticed changes, but not large ones.
  • Nine-ten Canadians say they think global temperatures are rising. It comes to 71 percent among past conservative voters and approaches unanimity among past liberals (95%) and new democrats (96%)
  • While three-quarters of Canadians say something can be done to reduce climate change around the world, they are less convinced that they themselves can make an impact. Overall, six out of ten (61%) say they feel they can personally help – this mood is highest in Quebec (80%)

Victoria is looking at large cruise ships with a federal investment of $ 1.9 million at the Ogden Point cruise terminal.

“This is the busiest port of call in all of Canada. Next year there will be 265 cruise ships that are going to make their home here, with more than 700,000 passengers, ”Parliamentary Secretary of Infrastructure and Communities Marco Mendisino told CTV News in an interview.

The administration of the Great Bay of Victoria will add another 4.9 million dollars. US in the project, as a result of which the Pier B terminal will be increased by 55 meters to accommodate larger vessels.

“We are striving to increase by $ 160 million in the local economy,” said Sonterra Ross port director CTV.

Officials hope to complete the project by March 2019.

– with files from CTV Vancouver Island


TransLink explores a video that shows a bus driver in Vancouver reading a newspaper in a traffic jam.

Georgian street traffic on Thursday almost stopped when a pedestrian recorded the incident.

“There was a gap in front of him, and he put it down, pushed a little and started reading his newspaper again,” Rodney Shoop told CTV News. "It was a bit strange for me that you would have someone who is a professional bus driver with passengers on board who decide to mainly spend time reading the newspaper while he is stuck in traffic."

TransLink spokesperson Chris Bryan says the mash has postponed several buses for more than an hour.

"It is important for us to study this more closely, and if distracted driving were involved, then we will definitely follow this operator," he told CTV.

This incident could result in a $ 368 fine and, according to the Ministry of Transport, another ICBC fine premium for $ 175.

Police say no one is exempt from the law.

“Personally, as a road safety officer, I would take action on that person, if possible,” said Klp. Mike Halskov from the RCMP traffic service.

"Even though you are stuck in traffic, you are still considered driving."

– with files from CTV Vancouver

Chantelle deacon

It will be a great weekend for the local mountains, especially at Revelstoke Mountain Resort with the opening day set for Saturday.

At the Sun Peaks resort near Kamloops, all three mountains officially opened for the winter season.

“Opening the weekend is the most anticipated day of the year,” said Kevin Manuel, director or marketing at Revelstoke Mountain Resort. "In the valley there is not much snow, but this is a different world up."

"At the moment, we may have one of the deepest snow packages in North America."

The base sits about 115 centimeters, with more than 60 centimeters of snowfall last week.

"We got what we are going to get before the opening day, but in fact it looks like a perfect scenario of sunny weather and powder skiing."

The conditions look good enough at Sun Peaks Resort to officially open all three mountains to the public.

“We had really good snow during the week,” said Christina Anthonyak, director of marketing communications at Sun Peaks Resort. "We had a little snow almost every day."

Over the past seven days, the mountain has received almost 30 centimeters of snow.

“We have scheduled showers for the weekend, so we can expect new snow, probably every day,” said Antoniak.

The alpine base currently has a depth of almost 90 centimeters.

"The conditions are good enough for this time of year, given the slower start of the season, which we saw in the whole province."

Check out High Five Day at Sun Peaks this Sunday for Sun Peaks and grind up for a big deal.

A donation of $ 5 per person plus non-perishable goods will receive you an alpine or nordic ticket for the day.

All donations and receipts go to the Camlup roll.

It has been almost a week since SilverStar Mountain Resort, near Vernon, opened for alpine skiing, and over the past six days they have seen a lot of fresh powder.

“Friday will see the best chances of snowing at SilverStar, although some excitement is still possible this weekend,” said Vesla Wong, a meteorologist at SilverStar. “Sun ruptures are out of the question, because next week we will see a slightly drier trend.

"More snow arrives just in time for the weekend with freezing levels collaborating."

The Big White ski resort near Kelowna is only open for a week, and they expect excellent riding conditions at weekends.

“About half of our mountain will be open,” said Michael J. Ballingal, senior vice president of the Big White Ski Resort.

Ballingall says that most of the runs open this weekend will be blue and green.

"We are in the conditions of the early season, we expect more snow."

The snow base in Big White sits about 90 centimeters.

"This is a great start to the year for us with this base of snow, and we know that more snow is on the way."

Apex Mountain Resort near Penticton is almost ready to open, and their opening day is set for December 8th.

Continue to watch castanet weekly for snow conditions in most local mountains.

November 29, 2018 / 18:55 | Story:

An earthquake measuring 4.5 hit some 16 kilometers southwest of Fort St. John.

Canada's earthquakes say it was felt at Fort St. John, Taylor, Chetwynd and Dawson Creek.

It states that there are no reports of damage.

Residents say they felt tremors on social networks around 5:30 pm.

One of Twitter users at Fort St. John says that she felt that her "one-piece building in a residential building, like the top floor, would fall."

The Taylor Public Library tweets that employees "felt like a rattle."

The winner of the guaranteed prize of $ 1 million in the draw on November 24 Lotto 649 came forward.

Marc Laforest of Cranbrook says it will be a special Christmas.

“I want to give each of my brothers and sisters an envelope with a check for $ 100,000 … they will be so shocked,” he said.

Laforest said that he had heard that someone from Cranbrook had won a million dollar prize by attending a Gray Cup party. At home the next morning, he stopped the numbers on the BCLC website and checked them several times to be sure.

Laforest also plans to check out a few things from its list.

“Africa is a trip I have always dreamed of. However, the main priority is the family, ”he said. "This victory will allow me and my family to enjoy life a little more."

Police are looking for witnesses and footage from the film after the teenage girl was dragged out into the woodland and sexually abused in East Vancouver, on Tuesday.

The 14-year-old got off the bus at Kingsway about 5 pm and walked north along Miller Street.

The police say they grabbed her from behind and took her into the bushes in the Brewers Park, from the commercial street. The attacker sexually attacked the girl before fleeing east through the park.

The suspect is described as white, in the late 20s, with a medium structure, short brown hair, brown eyes and stubble on the face. He was wearing a jacket, blue jeans and black boots.

Police are looking for footage from anyone who may have been driving in the area between 2:30 pm. and 6 pm. November 27th.

Anyone who has information is invited to call the VPD Sex Offenses Unit at 604-717-0602 or CrimeStoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

Fees were packed after the theft of a poppy donation box in the Coquitlam library.

The theft occurred on November 7th.

51-year-old Victor Hansen is accused of distracting a library employee and using sharp tools to cut a belt on a donation box. Police claim that he is known for such crimes.

The arrest warrant issued was issued to a resident of Port-Coquitlam on charges of stealing less than $ 5,000.

“In the festive fundraising season, keep yourself in full swing when you collect money. Make sure donation boxes and cash are properly protected from simple theft, ”Cpl. Michael McLaughlin said in a press release.

A significant number of pistols and suspected illicit drugs go outside thanks to the Surrey RCP.

The police made a seizure as part of an investigation into the threat incident.

Corporal Elenor Sturko said that the RCMP, with the assistance of the Surrey jury team, the strike task force and the emergency response team, arrested a 21-year-old man from Surrey after receiving a report that he had allegedly made threats and pointed to firearms, November 26th.

On November 29, the Surrey RCMP executed a search warrant in a residence in the Wally area.

“As a result, investigators found and seized a significant amount of suspected cocaine and methamphetamine, as well as six pistols, seven magazines from firearms, two silencers and more than 100 rounds of ammunition,” said Sturko.

The investigation is ongoing, and no charges have been filed at present.

A 21-year-old man who is associated with people who have connections with a conflict in the lower continental gang is currently in custody.

“During this investigation, our officers were not only able to arrest the rapist, but also took six pistols and ammunition with them,” said the sergeant. Kirk Duncan from the General Investigation Department of the Surrey DCC. “Given the amount of firearms and drugs seized, this investigation is likely to lead to the recommendation of a number of accusations.”

Anyone who has information about this incident is invited to call the Surrey RCMP at 604-599-0502 or remain anonymous, contact the Complaint Traffic Jams at 1-800-222-8477 or

November 29, 2018 / 14:18 | Story:

The city of Vancouver says it collected $ 21 million in the first full year of its empty housing tax, and another $ 17 million could still flow into its coffers.

The city said in a press release that it expects to receive about $ 38 million from the first year of tax that applies to vacant residential properties in order to ease the share of vacancies in Vancouver.

The city says that just over 186,000 housing units were announced, and 2,338 of them were vacant.

It states that the declaration period for the second year of tax is open with a deadline of 4 February.

City staff will continue to monitor the impact of the housing tax and housing affordability, and the release states that tax revenue will be used for affordable housing initiatives in Vancouver.

The city says that $ 8 million taxed last year have already been allocated for specific affordable housing initiatives.

Surrender Coercion Group Surrey arrested a prominent violent criminal after stopping on Tuesday evening.

Twenty-four-year-old Matthew Porter from Vancouver, a man with well-known gang ties, was charged with 2 assaults on a peace officer, 1 dangerous vehicle operation account and 1 police failure account.

A 24-year-old man with a history of violence was discovered and arrested in the Newton area of ​​Surrey.

The incident occurred immediately after 6:00. November 27th. When Surrey SGET tried to stop the vehicle at block 14400 80th Avenue. First, the driver stopped before moving the car in the opposite direction and leaving the scene.

The police did not pursue the car, but tracked it to the nearest impasse, where they saw two men fleeing from the scene.

One of the men was found and arrested in the 8300th quarter of 140th Street, while the other is still at large.

The police also discovered the drugs during the investigation, as well as other items related to drug trafficking.

“Our anti-gang team continues to work against drug trafficking, intercepting and investigating criminals who operate in our city,” said Klp. Elenor Sturko. "Simply stopping traffic can often be the first step in a wider investigation and criminal charges."

The investigation continues.

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