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Fans react to Cassie's new man after Diddy posted her photo

It looks like an 11-year relationship between Diddy and Cassie officially finished The singer and model seem to have gone further and are now meeting someone new.

On Saturday, Cassandra told about her new beauty on Instagram (December 29). In one photo, Cassie, her mother and a man are smiling in front of the camera. In the second shot, Cassie and the guy involved in the kiss are strengthened in place. The disclosure was made only more in time. Before posting a photo, Diddy posted an Instagram photo of Cassie along with the letter “I” and a hearty smiley.

Diddy and Cassie break the rumors It began in October with a representative of the singer, who said that they were separated for several months before he became publicly available. It was later reported that they Reconnected in the aftermath of the death of Kim Porter, mother of Diddy's children. It seems that this step was more like a demonstration of support than a kindling of a flame.

New person Cassie name is Alex Fayne. According to his Instagram page, he is a bull racer and director of health at a bottled water company called Hemp Hydrate.

Of course, the Internet is buzzing with how it reveals everything played out. Look at the fans' reaction to the fact that Cassie posted a photo of her new person on social networks.

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