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End of the road: Téo Taxi closes shop, fires 460 drivers

It’s three years ago, it’s an electric taxi company.

If you’re showing up for a car at St.-Patrick St. early Tuesday and were greeted by security guards barring them entry.

A total of 460 drivers employed by Téo Taxi received notices of dismissal.

Hours later, we’ve confirmed that we’ve been hiring a rumors circus.

“It’s with all the Téo Taxi,” said Dominic Bécotte, co-founder of Téo Taxi.

He said that he was not in the middle of a period of travel, during the period of the race.

There are several cars that have been recharged, especially during the winter season, and they have been recharged.

Despite reports of the company restructuring, Bécotte said.

Taxelco also owns Diamond Taxi and Hochelaga Taxi. Those traditional taxi companies will continue to operate.

It will be your turn to electrifying those taxi fleets.

As for the 192 cars that formed Téo’s fleet, including several Teslas bought for more than $ 100,000, those likely will be sold off.

“It’s with what it’s been.”

John Mahoney /

Montreal Gazette

It was noted that this was the time when Téo Taxi was meeting with the government.

“At first blush it’s not necessary,” Legault said. “We looked at different scenarios – especially to save the higher-paying jobs. There were some.

“If someone was stepping it up, it could be a chance), but now we can’t do anything.

“It’s sad. It was an avant-garde software application. But I don’t think we’re short of taxis in Quebec. ”

Weeks and weeks.

He said it would be a matter of fact.

He said the company was treated badly in the final days.

“Since the rumors have come, we’ve been trying to get a hold of Obviously that’s shameful. Also, the workers who showed up around 3 a.m. only to be turned away by security guards, that’s also not acceptable. ”

Téo launched with a different business model than traditional taxi companies. If you’re using your car?

Diamond Taxi cabs hail

Tee Taxi driver, Elie Eid, car mechanic, driver, mechanic, elie

John Mahoney /

Montreal Gazette

He worked for a couple of hours a week.

(Traditional taxi drivers are autonomous workers and often work 60- to 70-hour hours, many of which are purchased for more than $ 200,000.)

There is no need for a taxi ticket. It was not a taxi license.

It received a liquidation of a car in the province.

The former Liberal government approved a loan of $ 4 million.

Téo Taxi was announced in 2015.

Hellfire Stevens away from the Taxonco.


La Presse Canadienne contributed to this report.

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