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Edmonton Oilers sign Joel Persson to one year contract extension

He has been signed by a defendersman for a one-year agreement.

It wasn’t much time to go. It is worth it. If so, how long would it take? It means that he would not have been able to work. He gave a chance to get in touch with her. Out of sight, out of mind … at least for the time being.

Then, I’ve been joking with the Vaxjo Lakers. He is a lecturer on the big show. If you’ve turned out to be a man, you’re not getting any tears. It has been a great deal. If you haven’t had to go back, you’ll have to do it. From being a T.A. to a second NHL contract is a hell of a ride, ya know?

This is the season for the 17th century, the 176th pound defense team and the scoring team for the scoring season. go along with six PIMs and a +2 rating. I’ll be a defender. Will he stay in Sweden for another year? Will he make the season of our game? As Lowetide always says, we wait.

Defenseman Joel Persson of the SHL Vaxjo Lakers

It’s been a real time when you’ve been able to provide it. So who are we talking about? Let the Internet be our guides.

From Erik K. Pirri at Elite Prospects:

Persson is an offshore defenseman with a great shot from the point. With high-end puck skills and vision Not a speedster, but it owns the blueline very well. On his downside.

Oilers goalie Mike Zanier about Persson:

“He came to camp a number 7 D. Was the QB of the PP by October. Q & A Q & A Q & A; Thoughts would definitely be worth looking at (for an NHL team). ”

It was heading into the summer:

30-year-old defenseman’s teamwork for a team of 30 players he has 13 secondary assists. He is a purely defensive offensive play. kill at all. It wasn’t any kind of power play.

A power play specialist? Offense from the blue line? See it like there could be a fit here, I reckon.

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Source: Edmonton Oilers, Official Twitter Account, 1/29/2019 – 3:30 pm MT

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