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Dwayne & # 39; The Rock & # 39; Johnson smashes Instagram by Kevin Hart in questions and answers

The Rock Crashes IG Live by Kevin Hart: Questions and Answers

According to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, longtime friend Kevin Hart has a "stupid face" that he really would like to "punch a hole." Kevin Hart appeared on Instagram for a Live Q & A session, and Johnson simply could not refrain from being able to hit Hart, all in good fun, of course. Rock went to Instagram to describe his feelings when he saw Kevin Hart go out live: “Always hate someone so much that you want to kill him with your own eyes. While working yesterday, I looked at my phone and saw that my little chocolate biscuit son @ kevinhart4real started IG & ng LIVE. I just had to go in and say that I love you and how proud I am of all his successes and achievements. ” Now it is a friendship.

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Shaun Waltman O RAW Appearance of John Bobbitt

Sean Waltman went on Twitter to talk about the appearance of John Bobbitt in RAW. For those who do not remember, John Wayne Bobbitt was a man who woke up one evening in 1993 and found that his member was forcibly removed by his apparently displeased wife, Lorena. The couple later divorced in 1995. Bobbitt turned lemons into lemonade, however, and turned the ugly incident into some success for himself, acting in films for adults, such as uncut and FrankinpenisBobbit was even a guest star in the RAW episode in 1998, where he appeared next to Val Veniss. Sean Waltman recalls: “This guy was taken to RAW, and he was given his own dressing room, while the crew was packed like sardines in other rooms. I took his name off the door and put it in the broom cupboard. I'm not sure that he was dressed exactly there, but that night he didn’t have his own dressing room. Anyone who has a problem with this was not on the road full time and then had to be packed into a room where some did not have room to sit and should be your best for a television match, while some the guy gets his own dressing room, because he cut off d * kk. Hell.

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