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Drifting barge, damage in the amount of 1 million US dollars – BC News

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Police report that the two barges that were cleared from the berths were estimated to have damaged more than $ 1 million after colliding with boats and structures in the inner harbor of Vancouver.

Sgt. Jason Robillard of the Vancouver police said the double barges were the size of a football field and were loaded with containers.

They broke free in North Vancouver around 5 am on Boxing Day.

Barges sailed through the shipping ports of the port of Vancouver and crashed into two boats and three structures at the Coal Harbor Marina on the waterfront of Vancouver.

In a press release, Robillard says that the 911 call warned the maritime police unit about free barges just before 6:30 in the morning.

Two local tugboats, a marine corps and two boats from the port of Vancouver, after about 90 minutes, managed to tow both barges and returned them to the berths in North Vancouver.


UPDATE 1:19 pm

Things keep slippery on Coquihalla. DriveBC reports a slowdown near a snow shed, and Kastanet received many reports of overturns 50 kilometers east of Nadezhda.

One driver indicated that they had seen two incidents to the north in Kokihkalle north of the snow cover, and another said that they had seen three ambulances on their way to the same area.

As of 1:15 pm, it appears that traffic is taking place near the Zopkios recreation area, west of the top of Kokihall. The cameras show that the highway is stopped, heading north towards Merritt.

UPDATE 12:05 pm

Canada's environment says that the next 24 hours should be good weather for the Valley, at least. But the Meteorologist, Bobby Sehon, says Castanet that on Friday morning there will be a Pacific Ocean system, and it can bring in 10 to 25 centimeters of snow.

“So for Coquihalla we will see snowfall starting on Friday morning, and by noon on Friday we can climb to 10 centimeters. The flakes will also fall on Saturday. ”

Sehon says that on Saturday we should expect another snowfall.


Travel conditions on Coquihalla appear to be normal for winter driving conditions, and Environment Canada has no valid warnings, but is still slippery.

Castanet Vernon, news director Josh Vinkquist, made us understand that the conditions at the summit are not perfect. “Two separate rollovers, one heading south, the other on average, emergency teams enter the scene,” Vinkquist says.

As of 10:30 am on Thursday, there appeared to be four separate incidents with one vehicle within the two-kilometer stretch between Merritt and Kamloops in Kokihalle.

“The road conditions seem decent, I don’t know why these drivers have lost control, all four incidents look as if they have just happened,” says Winquist.

DriveBC has no major incidents on the list, but we recommend checking out the Highway and Castanet cameras for the latest travel conditions.

December 27, 2018 / 12:41 | Story:

There were 120 deaths from drug overdose in British Columbia last month, which is 13 percent more than the same month last year.

B.S. The coroner service reports that on average, an average of four people died daily from an overdose of illicit drugs in the past month.

The latest data show that 1380 people died from an overdose from January 1 to November 30, 2018, almost as many died from January 1 to November 30, 2017.

The service claims that the majority of those dying from an overdose are men between the ages of 30 and 59, and the majority of overdoses occur indoors.

The three cities in which there is the most overdose of illicit drugs are Vancouver, Surrey and Victoria.

A coroner service reports that 1,486 people died from overdose in British Columbia. last year.

It is expected that next month the total death toll for 2018 will be announced.


The missing university professor Simon Fraser was found dead in Colombia.

Ramazan Genkai was last seen in Medellín on December 6th.

A professor of economics was in the country to attend seminars and speak at a local university, reports CTV News.

Colombian news agencies report that the body of Christmas was discovered at Christmas.

His wife, Carol, told CTV that the exams are still being held.

– with files from CTV Vancouver

December 27, 2018 / 11:08 | Story:

In East Vancouver, a car was hit and killed by a pedestrian, and the police called on the driver to come forward.

Police said the victim was found by a passerby on Kingsway near Glenn Drive just after 3 am on Thursday night.

39-year-old man was taken to hospital, but did not survive.

Police reported that the vehicle was apparently heading east to Kingsway when an unnamed victim was hit, but the car left the scene and the driver was not identified.

Investigators say the vehicle was damaged and this includes a broken headlamp.

Death is the eighth death in Vancouver in 2018.

Anyone who has information should call the Vancouver police by phone. 604-717-3012 or CrimeStoppers on tel. 1-800-222-8477.

December 27, 2018 / 10:55 | Story:

Largest emergency call center B.C. published his annual list of calls that, according to him, should never have entered the 911 service.

E-Comm reports in a press release that calls vary from who reports a lost jacket to a seller who refuses to redeem a coupon. But the 911 center, which handled 1.45 million calls from January to November, says that the most inappropriate use of the service occurred when someone said that the fast food restaurant was not open 24 hours a day, as advertised.

Call Heather Andrews processed this report and says that when someone calls 911, just to complain about customer service in the business, it takes time to help people with real life safety issues.

E-Comm reminds the public that 911 is intended for police, fire, or emergency medical care when an immediate response is required. It handles 92 percent of total 911 BS calls, covering regional areas and communities from Vancouver Island to Alberta and from the US border to the area north of Prince George.

In a more frivolous vein, ambulance doctors BC published a humorous Christmas video in which Santa's elves call 911 when Santa bites a cookie and has an allergic reaction. Parts of the video were filmed at Candy Kane Kane Lane.

Another dubious reason for calling 911 in 2018 is also retailing, and Andrews responded when an angry consumer called about a business that refused to accept a return of a pair of shoes without a box.

“When someone calls 911 for general information, we still need to confirm that the person is safe before ending the call. Calling the police to complain about the store return policy is not a reason to call 911, ”she says of a ranked report. second on the top 10 list.

The E-Comm report states that other rash reasons for calling an emergency call in 2018 include a complaint that an employee of a gas station loaded the wrong type of gas into the car; the concern that the rental company provided the wrong-sized car for the client’s reservation; request for assistance in turning off the car's lighting; report that the wipers stopped working; and request information about the location of the towed vehicle.

To take the tenth place in the list is the familiar question of whether the clock moves forward or backward during the change of spring time.

"Calls like calls this year in a headscratcher waste valuable valuable emergency resources that would otherwise be available to someone whose health, safety or property was threatened or a crime was committed." says Jasmine Bradley, corporate communications manager at E-Comm.

In addition to 911 call services for most of British Columbia, E-Comm also provides call reception and dispatch services to 36 police agencies and fire services in southwest British Columbia, and also manages the global radio network, a multi-jurisdictional radio station. a system used by police, firefighters and ambulances within the Metro Vancouver and parts of the Fraser Valley.

E-Comm says the high-tech communications line has played a crucial role in successfully completing several police prosecutions, interdepartmental crime investigations and shooting the police.

Three people injured in the accident on Wednesday evening in Abbotsford remain in hospital on Thursday.
Police report to CTV News that a woman and two children were found suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning, which poisoned the car.

The trio was discovered unconscious first
Defendants after a collision call with one vehicle near Klayburn and Seldon roads until 9 pm Wednesday night

“All three were unresponsive and apparently suffered from carbon monoxide poisoning,” the Abbotsford Police Department reported in a message on Facebook about the incident.

A woman aged about 20 years and both children were taken to hospital for treatment.

As of Thursday morning there was no updated information on their condition.

-with files from CTV News

December 27, 2018 / 6:19 | Story:

It was one of the happiest days in his life, but Sharmarke Dubov said that he was paralyzed by emotions that day when he swore as a member of the city council of Victoria.

Dubov said he could not smile, and his words were barely audible when he reflected on his journey from the civil war in Somalia to the refugee camp in Kenya and, finally, to Victoria City Hall.

Now Dubow, 35, who was born on Christmas, cannot stop smiling or talking.

He became a citizen of Canada on July 1, 2017, the 150th anniversary of Canada, and was elected to the city council in November. It was the first time he voted anywhere.

“I forced myself to cry,” he said in a recent interview. “The reason I did not smile was because there were so many emotions. I could not believe that I am a voice for people in Victoria and I represent them. ”

Oaks are six feet four and slim. He smiles broadly and laughs joyfully, tracing his journey from the refugee camp to the city council in a cafe in the city center.

He gets up to hug people who express their best wishes to him, and tells about the meeting of Canadian figure skating icons Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir at the beginning of the day at the Christmas fundraising event in the Salvation Army.

“Tessa told me that I should write a book,” said Dubow.

He said that Canada gave him a home, and his election to the council gives him the opportunity to return.

“When I became a Canadian citizen, I felt that I had a home, I had rights and obligations,” said Dubow. “The thing is that I have a second chance in life, belonging to a country and a proud Canadian. But when they elect me, it's not about me. This is a huge responsibility and the knowledge that I have a huge outlook on learning. ” "

He was eight years old when his mother put him and his sister on a boat escaping from the unrest in Somalia. Dubov said they crossed the Indian Ocean under the moonlight and landed in Mombasa, Kenya, where he lived for five years in a tent and camp with hundreds of others.

“I remember how my mother put on two jackets, two pants in a suitcase and told me to hold my sister’s hand. I remember looking back at my mother, ”said Dubow, whose mother was able to join them in the camp after a later boat trip. ,

Dubov said that he made a bed of bamboo sticks and remembered that life in the camp was one of the daily problems and frightened people who were looking for the next meal and were trying to make a living. He said the United Nations intervened to ensure the existence of the camp.

Dubov said his life as a refugee and stateless person influenced his role as an advocate for human rights in Africa and eventually led him to Canada, where he took a job at the Society for Immigrant and Refugees in Victoria.

“I was in camp in Kenya. I did not have documents in Ethiopia, that is, I was not registered with either the UN Commission on Human Rights or the Ethiopian government, ”he said. “In Egypt, I was a refugee. I was not in the camp, but I was a refugee in the framework of the UNHRC. They never gave me the opportunity to become a citizen and become part of society. "

Dubov said he was an outsider without a license, until he came to Canada in 2012.

“Canada gave me that chance,” he said. “Victoria raised me. People raised me and gave me that chance. ”

December 27, 2018 / 6:17 | Story:

Last Thursday, 99 percent of people in British Columbia restored electricity to people, leaving about 6,500 customers in the dark.

BC Hydro says more than 900 crew members are working on repairing the system, and they hope that all the lights will return by the New Year.

The utility reports that customers on Vancouver Island can expect that they will turn on again by Thursday.

It says that on the island of Vancouver and on the islands of the Persian Gulf there are about 120 crews.

The utility claims that during the storm last week, the southern islands of the Gulf suffered more damage, so it will take more time to restore power in this area.

It states that all customers on the islands of the Persian Gulf should return to power from 27 to 31 December.

Police are investigating how a barge loaded with shipping containers mysteriously arrived unmoored and drifted to the coal harbor of Vancouver this morning.

CTV News reports that the barge was spotted at Coal Harbor around 6:30 am

“It took a few seconds to figure this out,” said Annelis Bertrand to CTV, who saw the fraudulent vessel. “I rode a bicycle around the corner — head down, completely black — and I look up, and this is a wall of containers where it does not belong. It immediately threw me away. ”

The port of Vancouver says that two interconnected transport barges of the Northern Army, parked on the North Shore, began to drift on Tuesday evening or early Wednesday morning.

The port administration unfolded the tugs immediately after it was noticed, clearing the scene by 8 o'clock in the morning.

A drifting barge caused visible damage to two yachts, part of the Harbor Air terminal, and the patio on the waterfront at Lift Restaurant.

But it could be worse, with two lighthouses and a floating refueling station, also in the area.

The Vancouver Police Department is now studying how the barge was released first.

with files from CTV Vancouver

The lower part of the mainland is going to get its first legal showcase with cannabis.

Evergreen Cannabis in Vancouver announced this week that it received the province’s final approval for opening its Kitsilano store at 2868 4th Ave West.

The store says it will open on Saturday, making it the fourth such private cannabis store in British Columbia. Kimberley already has two private stores, one in the Pouce Coupe, as well as a government store in Kamloops.

There are currently no legal stores in Okanagan, but local authorities in Lake Country and Summerland have approved a storefront for each community.

It is not clear what will open first, as the provincial government must give final approval.

Abbotsford police are investigating after human remains were discovered in the countryside at Christmas.

According to CTV News, on Tuesday afternoon, the bodies of a man were found on Block 29700 on Maklur Road.

The investigation is at an early stage, but it does not appear that death was suspicious.

Judicial experts, serious crimes and the Coroner's Service BC are investigating.

with files from CTV Vancouver

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