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Dead rat allegedly found in a stew in a Vancouver restaurant Staff, with files from Brianna Carstens-Smith from CTV Vancouver

Published on Friday, December 28, 2018, 20:47 EST

The owner of a slimming restaurant in Vancouver apologizes after the client allegedly found a dead rat in a bowl of soup.

Ashton Phillips, owner of Crab Park Chowdery, says two women were at his restaurant on December 27, when they made the alleged discovery. He says the staff apologized, gave them a refund and a $ 100 gift card. According to him, the situation ended with the women leaving the restaurant amicably.

Later that day, a video of the incident was posted on Instagram. Since then, he has received thousands of views, hundreds of negative comments and led to several complaints in Vancouver Coastal Health.

"Today, my friend ordered a clam chowder in Manhattan, and it was a bit surprising," he wrote.

Phillips told CTV Vancouver that the rodent would not be able to penetrate their product, as the soup is being prepared in another kitchen and stored in large plastic containers with secure lids.

“We’re shocked by all of this,” Phillips said. “We have done a lot of hard work to make sure that we offer the best standards of safety and health at work.”

The inspectors allowed the Crab Park Chowdery to remain open, but the rented kitchen space outside the soup-cooking area was closed.

Vancouver Coastal Health spokesperson Tiffany Akins told CTV Vancouver that inspectors found "rodent evidence" in a room inside Mamie Taylor's, a separate restaurant in Chinatown.

Phillips said that the staff at Crab Park Chowdery threw away all the remaining soups and began to remake dishes from scratch.

However, it was reported that in the eatery there were previously problems with rodents.

Vancouver Coastal Health confirmed that there were signs of rodents, in particular, litter of rats, during the inspection in Gastown area back in February, but it seems that the problems were solved that same month.

A follow-up check, conducted on February 23, did not reveal any problems with rodents, as well as later routine checks carried out in April and October.

Phillips said that as the video continues to attract attention on the Internet and leads to dozens of new one-star reviews in Yelp and Google, he will have to close the store.

“I created this thing from scratch. We have been here for two years now, and we have a video or just a picture – sorry, I'm going to be emotional, ”said Phillips. "The video or picture simply threatens to blow it all up really badly."

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