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Data leakage on HIV: in the USA, Micah Brochez is accused of illegal entry

SINGAPORE. An American suspected of leaking 14,200 people from the Singapore HIV registry was discovered in a small county in Kentucky, USA, where he was charged with trying to break into his mother's house.

Micah K Farrera-Brochez, 34, was arrested at his mother’s house in Clark County, Winchester, Kentucky, in December last year, according to court and detention documents seen by the NewsAsia channel.

On Monday (January 28), the Singapore Ministry of Health announced that Brochez had disclosed personal information of 14,200 people living with HIV on the Internet.

A former lecturer was jailed in 2016 for lying about his HIV status in order to get a pass to work in Singapore.

Brochez, who was also convicted of drug fraud and crime, was sentenced to 28 months in prison.

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In April last year he was deported from Singapore, but now he is again on the wanted list due to data leakage.

“We are looking for help from our foreign colleagues in our investigations. It is inappropriate to comment on the matter further, as the investigation continues, ”the Singapore police said in a statement, without specifying a single country.

Ms. Camille Dawson, a spokeswoman for the US embassy in Singapore, said the embassy could not comment on current investigations.


Brochez was arrested on December 8 last year at the home of his mother Theresa King in Clark County after she called the local sheriff's office to complain that he had knocked on her door.

On September 29, Brochez was warned that he should not return to his mother’s property after he tried to get inside or be arrested for a criminal offense. But he returned to her home on December 8th.

"Upon arrival, this deputy noticed the aforementioned suspect [Brochez] sitting on the porch of the house, "- said in a statement about the arrest.

“After the conversation with T. King, she said that she did not want the above suspect to be her property, and that in the past he had been warned that he would not be owned.

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“This deputy informed the suspect about the past warning, and the suspect was ordered to leave several times, but the suspect wanted to ask all the time about the property T. King had and wanted to talk to the sheriff.”

He was then arrested, detained and taken to the Clark County Detention Center. A spokesman for the detention center confirmed to NewsAsia that Brochez was arrested and is under bail.

Brochez was ordered to appear before the District Court on February 18 in order to stand trial on charges of a third-degree criminal act.


Records of 5,400 Singaporeans diagnosed with HIV between 1985 and January 2013, and 8,800 foreigners, including applicants and persons entitled to work, and those diagnosed with HIV, have been leaked on the Internet since 1985. until December 2011.

Information leaks include names, identification numbers, contact details, HIV test results and

Information leakage includes names, identification numbers, contact details, HIV test results and other medical information. AFP / Kirill KUDRYAVTSEV

It included their names, identification numbers, telephone numbers, addresses, HIV test results and medical information.

The Department of Health reported that the information was leaked and is still in the possession of Brochez, an HIV-positive American who has lived in Singapore since 2008.

He had a romantic relationship with the synergist doctor Lerom Tekom, who headed the National Public Health Directorate at the Ministry of Health from March 2012 to May 2013.

They began living together in Singapore in 2008, and then married in New York on April 24, 2014.

Lehr was authorized to access information from the HIV registry, and is believed to have misused information and is suspected of not following the policies and guidelines for handling such confidential information. He resigned in January 2014.

In May 2016, the Ministry of Health applied to the police after receiving information that Brochez still keeps confidential information from the registry.

By the time Brochez was imprisoned and sentenced to 28 months in prison. He was deported last year, and the MOH received information that he still has some records.

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Although the information was not yet publicly available at the time, the police were informed and the victims were contacted.

But on January 22, the police told the Ministry of Health that Brochez was still keeping some of the information, and now she’s leaked to the Internet.


Brokez deceived the Ministry of Labor, issuing him a work permit after arriving from America in 2008.

In two separate cases, Ler gave a sample of his own blood, which must be presented as a Brochez sample, so that an American can hide his HIV status.

HIV testing

Submit a photo of a medical technician conducting a screening test for serum samples. (Photo: AFP / Romeo Gacad)

But the trick was revealed, and when the police raided their property, they found several fake education certificates allegedly issued to him.

They included a degree in linguistics at Vanderbilt University, a master's degree in developmental psychology and child psychology, and a doctorate in psychology and education from the University of Paris. A certificate of vocational training was also withdrawn. Investigations revealed that they were all tampered with.

A Bahamian passport with the name Malatesta da Farrera-Brochez was also found in a safe.

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Brochez made presentations and speeches at several international conferences on science and research. In 2010, in an interview with a local newspaper, he said that he spoke eight languages ​​and was a “successful laboratory rat” of his mother, Teresa King, who was allegedly a famous professor of child and adolescent psychology in the UK

But in the UK there was no psychologist with such qualifications. When the British daily newspaper The Independent contacted a UK-registered psychologist who qualified under the name given by Broshéz, she said that Brochez was not her son and she had no specialization in this particular area.

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