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Daniel Cormier refuses UFC light heavyweight championship

Daniel Kormier made the following statement in ESPN, announcing that he will leave the UFC light heavyweight before UFC 232:

“Today I'm going to give up the UFC light heavyweight title. I am not going to be deprived of the belt, which I defended with all for three and a half years. The fact that you are deprived of the name suggests that you did something wrong, but I did not.

“I would prefer to leave in this way, with my head held high, as always, than in the history books, where it is said that I was undressed. I defended this title this year. The idea to fight heavyweight came up to me, so I accepted her. I fought three times in 2018. No champion was more active than me. I am a fighter of the year. My story and my legacy will not include what I was deprived of the name. They can have it. "

Cormier says he would rather give up the title instead of depriving him of the UFC as soon as John Jones and Alexander Gustavson fight for him tomorrow evening. He is also the reigning UFC heavyweight champion, winning this title at UFC 226.

He officially announced that he would retire from the MMA competition when he turns 40 in March. His name also appeared in connection with the non-competitive future in WWE, as he was associated with reports that he would have an attempt to comment with the company after his fight at UFC 230.

Daniel Cormier postponed his attempt at WWE after joining UFC 230 with Derrick Lewis, but told Busted Open Radio that he would return to this opportunity in the future. Cormier said that his interest in the comments and has no intention of being a competitor in the ring.

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