Tuesday , January 26 2021

Chloe Kardashian stated that Tristan Thompson left her GF for her

Chloe Kardashian one tough mom – and she is not going to advocate accusatory comments. Good American founder hit social network users after they said she was the cause between Tristan Thompson split with his now ex Jordan Craig.

The refutation was followed after the commentator responded on Sunday, November 18, on Twitter, which said: “Birth is not something you can” repeat. "When you make this choice, you can never return it."

Twitter user replied: “I agree. Jordan will never get that moment back where Wu made her and her son Tristan's birth all about YOU ”, referring to the 27-year-old ex-NBA player who was six months pregnant when they broke up.

“I put a photo for everyone to see you with T at the Bel Air hotel a day after Jordi was born,” continued the tweet. "U could be cool and make it a private moment between the parents."

Kardashian took the opportunity to clear the air. “What are you talking about? Their son was born on December 12 [2016,]“She wrote about the almost three-year-old son of Tristan, the prince. “These images were taken many months later. And girl, I wore these rings longer than I knew TT. Get your facts straight.

On the same day that he was removed on Instagram, Kardashian also slammed a commentator who claimed that Thompson "left his pregnant girlfriend to be with her."

“PS he never left ANY for me,” she wrote. “I said this before, but as I learned, the truth is not as exciting as a lie. So a lie is what gets traction. Truth seems to be buried and ignored. In any case, it’s all love and peace here. ”

Interaction in social networks a few hours before the new episode Saving Kardashian who showed that the thompson scandal is cheating Strong looks better naked The author worked with the first child.

“I will never understand,” said Kardashian about the athlete’s infidelity on Instagram before the show. “I try to live very honestly and positively. But I know that God is not mistaken. ”

She continued: "He wants me to go through certain things so that I can grow, and I [was] given a platform that I hope will help others not to feel so alone, and therefore we can grow together. I find strength [in] so many people. Greatness in my life definitely weighs [any] bad thing that ever happened to me. I focus on the beauty of it all. ”

However, Kardashian was not all Zen at the moments preceding their daughter’s April birth, however, after Thompson’s photographs became comfortable with other women made in the headlines.

"Oh well i did [some] not so mature things the day before, "a reality star answered the commentator, who praised her for how she handled the situation." But I needed to get it from my system. Namaste everything in the hospital.

Several sources confirmed We weekly in April that Thompson was unfaithful with more than one woman, while Kardashian was pregnant with his child.

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