Chloe Kardashian had an incredible and terrible year at the same time. She had a child from Tristan Thompson, but her experience was ruined when she found out that Tristan was cheating on her with several women. Worse, it all happened a week before she was supposed to give birth. It seems that these two solve their problems and build a family with Chloe, who, according to rumors, will soon want a second child. She had to face some serious negative reaction after she decided to stay with her boyfriend, a basketball player, and now she is dragged through all social networks for a recent tweet.

After she tweeted that she had trouble finding a suitable doll for her daughter Truth, she asked her supporters if they knew where she could find the “cute” two-color doll. Of course, her fans were outraged by the comment, asking her if she wanted to say “fair-skinned”. Some people write that Chloe was simply afraid to say that she was looking for a “fair-skinned doll with good hair,” while others actually offered sound suggestions. Several people told her to just take a black doll, explaining that since her daughter was black, it would make sense.

Chloe received a negative reaction for similar comments about her daughter and race. Perhaps she should think before writing next time.