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Children's clothing line Celine Dion, named "Satan" by the priest

Earlier this month, Celine Dion launched a gender-neutral women's clothing brand in collaboration with Nununu called CELINUNUNU. She announced the release with the help of a starter video in which she enters a hospital nursery and causes black shine to newborn babies dressed in pink and blue. Miraculously, their clothes are turned into black and white people – discoloring their clothes until they are no longer imbued with gender colors. But, according to longtime Catholic pastor and exorcist Monsignor John Esseff from Pennsylvania, the new Dion brand and the corresponding video are “definitely satanic.”

“The people behind this affect children on the disorder,” said Esseff in the National Catholic Registry. “This is definitely satanic. He has a mind — organized thinking. ” CELINUNUNU, however, considers itself a brand that "frees children from the traditional roles of a boy / girl and allows young people to grow on the values ​​of equality with freedom to strengthen their own personal strength, based on mutual respect."

Esseff, whose position is that "how this gender thing has spread is demonic," is not one thing. When CELINUNUNU first fell, he received mixed reviews. Some were excited along the line moving in what they consider the right direction, while others have expressed their discontent. Shortly after Dion announced the brand, Fox News appeared in a segment in which they said that the CELINUNUNU video had “alarming symbolism”. Patti Armstrong, the candidate for national Catholic registration, who first approached Esseff, seems to agree that “occult topics for children violate [sic]"And encouraging readers to join her in praying for children who began to wear CELINUNUNU.

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Esseff, who has been conducting exorcisms in Scranton, Pennsylvania for over 40 years, argues that CELINUNUNU’s “demonic dimension” works deeply, despite the fact that the company insists that its goal is to “allow [children] to be who they are, so that their choice is determined by their own true essence and free spirit, beyond stereotypes or any norm. ”

It seems that the brand idea of ​​empowerment is the idea of ​​an exorcist about demonic possession.

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