Saturday , January 16 2021

Chevaliers are looking forward to LeBron James again after many years of success, the playoffs are running with him

DETROIT – JR Smith and Kyle Korver know what it means to go against LeBron James.

On Wednesday evening, when 2-13 cavaliers take the Lakers in LeBron's return to Cleveland, things will be a little different. James played with the men over the past four seasons, winning the 2016 NBA Finals. He then left Cleveland in the summer for the second time, signing an agreement with the Lakers.

It has long been the height of the game with a four-time NBA most valuable player and three-time NBA champion.

Cavaliers – NBA – the worst 2-13 this season after losing 113-102 nights Monday in Pistons in Detroit. James and Lakers do not dominate. But they play much better, winning seven of the last 10 and making 9-7, which is good for the seventh seed share at the Western Conference with the New Orleans pelicans.

But Wednesday will be another game for both teams.

The Cavs have a tribute to James, scheduled early in the game. And since James plays for the Lakers, this will be his only trip to Cleveland this season.

And Korver expects a fertile atmosphere inside the Quicken Loans arena.

“I think it will be really positive, in general. And it should be, said Korver.

He also humorously hinted at how much attention should be paid to the return of James.

“It can be sold out. People can watch on TV, ”he joked.

But he also seriously said that playing with James was important to him. Korver joined the NBA in 2003, the same year as James. And both are confronted many times.

On Wednesday, however, everything will be different. Cavs acquired Korver in January 2017, and a talented three-point shooter got a first-hand look and a chance to work with the player that his teams have been trying to defend for years.

“It seems that now I know his personal side. I always had an incredible respect for the basketball side. But, knowing him as a person, I think we will feel it, ”Korver said. "He is the best player in the world, and I think that we all have tremendous respect for him, he is inside and every day watching his habits, and how he leads and how he really cares about many people."

Nevertheless, thanks to this knowledge, the possibility of more jokes from Corver appeared.

“We know all his tendencies, and we are going to pick them all up. “We have all his secrets,” he said. Smith, who played with James longer than Corver’s, has similar expectations with what he hopes to see on Wednesday night. Cavs brought Smith within three teams in January 2015.

Smith also played a role in the Chevalier, defeating the Golden Warriors in the NBA finals in 2016, giving Smith his first championship. He, Channing Fry, Kevin Love and Tristan Thompson – all that remains of this team.

And although James is on the other side, he often comes into contact with Smith.

“I communicate with him a lot, not just about basketball, about life. Obviously, our families are very close. Therefore, I often talk to him, ”said Smith. “It will be fun (on Wednesday). I think it will be a great atmosphere. I am sure he will receive great tribute and greetings from the city. Therefore, I am excited.

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