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Canucks 3, Flames 2 (OT): Pettersson's magic, Markstrom's victory

Vancouver Canucks goalkeeper Jacob Marcstrom saves himself from TJ Brodie from Calgary Flames during the third stage of the NHL in Calgary on Saturday night. The goalkeeper stood high in the Canucks victory.

Larry MacDougal / Canadian press

Goalkeeper Jacob Marckstrom kept the fort long enough to allow Elias Pettersson to do his magic … again

CALGARIA – Petey-O-Meter is impressive. It is also inspiring.

With each appearance on the scene, we are reminded of an elite company that is held by electrician Elias Pettersson. Only four players scored more points than a recruit in downtown Vancouver Canucks after the first 34 games.

Elias Pettersson from Vancouver Canucks (left) celebrates his goal in the second period with Chris Tanev.

Larry MacDougal /

Canadian press

His 38 points were one point better than Sergey Fedorov and Yevgeny Malkin, who immediately gained fame in the 1990-91 and 2006-07 seasons. Accordingly, Pettersson attracts all kinds of attention.

On Saturday, he drew Sam Bennett’s attention to the exit from the first period zone. The center of the Flame tried to prevent its advancement by exposing the elbow and the knee, and the Swede was able to simply bypass it.

It caught the attention of the bench, and you have to wonder if it will become a trend. Play with the child, play with him physically, and perhaps remove a little of this mojo.

Perhaps, but not likely.

The Canaks outplayed, outplayed 20-8 – and Bo Horvat won only three of 13 draws – when Flame scored its second goal with a score of 2: 1. And only when it seemed that the Canucks could easily pass the night, did Pettersson need one shot wrists in the second period to drag your club back into battle with his 19th goal and 39th point.

Here's what we learned, since Croat was denied four minutes before Alex Edler scored Brock Bozer's submission at 3:06 extra time:

“Eric Gudbrainson” from the “Vancouver Canucks” fights with Johnny Godro of the “Calgary Flames” for the puck during the first stage of the NHL on Saturday in Calgary.

Larry MacDougal /

Canadian press

More for Pettersson than this laser

The cannons were in a heavy force game of the second period, when an attempt to cleanse the Flame was wiped out by Pettersson, who was sliding into the attack zone to block the clear. How many newbies — or veterans — would you think of doing this instinctively instead of just retreating into the defensive zone to regroup?

And although the main video will show once again how quickly Pettersson can allow the evil wrist to shoot – his effort passed the frightened goalkeeper David Rittih to the far side, and he instantly entered and left the net – there are other parts of his game that need to get better. And this is good. He knows that. He worked overtime to increase his chance to score 2 to 1.

Pettersson made three turns on Thursday in Edmonton and was stronger on Saturday.

“He understands the importance of his play outside the puck when it comes to winning, which is hard to instill in young players,” said Canucks trainer Travis Green. "He must step forward."

Jacob Marckstrom left Calgary alone in two goals, but that's all he allowed in the overtime win.

Larry MacDougal /

Canadian press

Markstrom is facing the onslaught

Jacob Markstrom said that winning should be normal, because losing is crap.

Starter felt a lot in Saddledome, and none of them was good. Under siege comes to mind. So overwhelmed and overwhelmed.

There was an early sign that the leading Flames division would be a handful, because coach Bill Peters said they were stale and didn’t like their starts and energy – even after winning 4-1 in Winnipeg on Thursday.

After an early 1: 0 backlog, they took him to the Markstrom. Johnny Godrot tried to beat him with the short side, Mark Yankovsky bounced after a short break, and the 5-on-3 pit in his crease made Markstrom make two saving throws. He then abandoned Godro after Ben Hutton coughed the puck before Travis Hémonic beat him to the far side from a short attack.

Marc Jankowski from the Flames jumps over Chris Tanev from Canucks in a battle of the first period.

Boeser must remember December

When Brock Bozer ripped a shot on his wrist with little space for gloves, it was not only the 14th winger's goal in 28 games, it was his eighth month with four gears.

What was most noticeable was the speed and accuracy of the release, and it bodes well for the end of the six-month trip. He has five goals in his last eight trips, and he had eight shots and 10 attempts against Flame.

Sven Baerci, who after a long dismissal due to problems with concussion, scored a point in his return, fights Derek Ryan from Calgary Flames in the third period.

Larry MacDougal /

Canadian press

Godette holds his head high

Adam Godette does not require cancellation. Sven Baerchi needed a place on the list.

Redistribution Godette in comets Utica on Saturday – this is actually good news. Baertschi is back after missing 30 games with a concussion. Godette is going to develop his offensive game with his partner AHL, while continuing to create a new game with two-way traffic.

“I did a lot and progressed,” said prize winner Khobi Baker about his 31 games, in which he scored an average of 10:09 and scored six points (2-4). “Looking back, even from the pre-season, I'm a completely different player. I have increased self-confidence – although there is no win yet – but it will come. ”

“I like Modh,” Green said. “He is smart and works very hard. He is still a young man who is growing, and as he grows stronger, we will see more development in his game. ”

OVER TIME – Canucks extended their agreement with Utica to host their AHL subsidiary for another six years, although after two years there is an opt-out clause.



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