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Canada holds on to defeating the Swiss; place in the quarter finals

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VANCOUVER. It must have been something that Scout Tim and Bernhard saw in Arizona, which give them a monopoly on the 13th forwards of the Canadian team.

Mackenzie Entwistle and Tyler Steenbergen were chosen by Coyotes two rounds each other in 2017, and both were incredibly important for success in the Canadian team match at the World Junior Championships.

Steenbergen put Canada’s golden goal last year at Buffalo as a rarely used team extra hitter.

Enwistle launched the 2019 version of Canada as the 13th forward and scored a goal with a goal in the victory over Switzerland with a score of 3: 2 over Switzerland over Thursday evening in Vancouver, which allowed him to take a place in the quarter finals with two more games played in the preliminary match round.

The Canadian national team skated off their first nervous moments of the tournament, including in the last minutes after Philip Kurashev scored his second goal in the game. The infamous Swiss team coach Christian Wolvend said that his team has a chance to become more competitive, and he was right again.

In truth, the Canadian team knew that it would not be as easy as 14-0 romping with Boxing Day over Denmark, night coach Tim Hunter called the “anomaly”.

This, of course, is not an anomaly or even shock that Entwistle achieved success for the Canadian team, although he started the tournament as the only forward without a line.

Entwistle, a unique Canadian route with modest roots, has something that makes it the ideal choice for work. This is a story that Canadian national team manager Steve Steios would have known well since he is the CEO of Entwistle in the Hamilton Bulldogs.

Entwistle is not the fastest or most experienced skater. He is Canada’s only forward not recruited in the first or second round – as the peak of the third round in 2017. Coyotes later traded Entwistle for the Chicago Blackhawks in a contract deal of Marian Hossa. Bernhard, the man who developed Entwistle and Steenbergen, has since broken up with the organization.

Last year Entwistle took the stage and performed at Staios and Hamilton at the most important moments. Entwistle scored a total of 104 points in 192 OHL games, but he was probably the best player in the Bulldogs in their fight for the Memorial Cup with 10 goals and 17 points in 21 games.

A native of Georgetown, Ontario, is the son of two retired Toronto police officers. His parents, Dave and Margaret, call themselves "non-hockey players." Each of them was born abroad in England and Poland and said that he “has no idea” that their son has a legitimate potential hockey career before the season when he was composed.

Each of Antwistla's parents worked in different shifts to make sure that he could get to his hockey games, in which he began playing at home on a skating rink in the shadow of Pearson Airport in Toronto.

That Entwistle wears a red maple leaf again in the international arena should not surprise anyone. Entwistle, a product of the famous Toronto Marlboros program, represented Canada at the level of 17 years, at the age of 18 and at the level of Ivan Glinka – and scored four goals and seven points in just five games.

Now you can bet that Entwistle has already seen the last of his 13th forward role.

Halfway to Canada’s victory, thanks to which they were all time perfect against the Swiss (23-0: 0) in the World Junior Championships, Entwistle seems to have already supplanted Joey Veleno in the Hunter depth table. Entwistle took the final throw-in and was on the ice for weakening moments during the intense penalty killing.

Your move, Veleno, is now in a position that produced magic for the Canadian team.

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