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Calgary police kill woman identified as Stacy Perry, 29

A woman shot by Calgary police on Christmas morning was identified by family and friends as Stacy Perry.

“Rest in peace, my dear little sister. Her beautiful soul will never be forgotten, and we will definitely miss her until we meet again, ”wrote Andrea Perry-Lukin on Facebook.

Perry's cousin also confirmed his death CBC Calgary, but declined to comment.

Dozens of messages of condolence were posted on social networks.

A 29-year-old boy was shot by the police after a long chase early on Tuesday morning.

The Serious Incident Response Team in Alberta, which is currently investigating the incident, reported that the Honda sedan with B.C. Just after midnight, license plates rode dangerously in the Inglewood area.

The officers tried to stop the car, but to no avail, and it accelerated.

Then at 2:40 am, the police received more reports of a dangerous driver, this time in the Falconridge community.

The police saw that Honda was moving in the wrong direction in the wrong direction, and attempted a so-called “controlled stop” when it turned onto McNight Boulevard from Stoney Trail NE, “pulling the police car in front of the sedan and extra police cars on each one. side and rear sedan ", according to the release from ASIRT.

As soon as the officers got out of their cars, Honda started moving again, the ASIRT report says.

The officer is fired, killing the driver.

"Both the gray sedan and the police cars were damaged during the confrontation," the report said.

Perry was the registered owner of the sedan, reports ASIRT.

ASIRT conducts an investigation at any time when someone is seriously injured or killed by the police.

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