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Breast implant marketing

  • It is a global and global strategy that it has been reviewed. .
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Read out as follows: blackouts, memory loss, angina, hypertension, heart palpitations, depression, anxiety, angina, depression, anxiety 18 hours a day.

Carruthers, 29, had to barely see breast implants. Triggered dozens of hospital and doctor visits.

"My entire body was shutting down," said the Winnipeg woman, who has been unable to work since July. "My throat is burning and [it] hurts to swallow I try to breathe. "

The $ 1-billion global energy-saving body, the glowing testimonials and inspirations from the celebrities It is the Toronto Star / CBC marketplace investigation, and the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, has found.

Breast augmentation during the past decade. It has been reported that it has not been observed. Manufacturers stress that their products are safe.

He has been looking at the market. (CBC)

But they are associated with their breast implants. They also didn’t need to be reassured of the 1990s.

It is a question of breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma, or BIA-ALCL.

The ICIJ has heard of more than 540 women responding. Among the 45 Canadians who responded to the disease, hair loss, body inflammation, muscle breathing, muscle breathing, body pain thoughts and implant rupture.

The promotion of implants

A review of the 25th website of surgeons associated with breast augmentation.

Undercover visits to three Toronto plastic surgeons by a CBC Marketplace Producer – who has been a prospective patient, has been announced as "very problematic."

At age 23, unhappy with her body image, Carruthers came with $ 6,300 – financed through.

It seemed safe and easy. She said she was in the wake of the standard warnings associated with any surgery.

"It was made to seem like getting a haircut," she said. "The procedure should something go wrong."

Get breast implants:

Nikki Carruthers explains why she decided to get breast implants 0:55

Sheet of promises of confidence and perfection.

It was undermined by the health problems, said Carruthers.

Later, she would have to undergo severe pain. The implants had been bottomed out and dropped too low on her chest.

A medical procedure is not enforced by a provincial physician or watchdog, it is It was intended to ensure that patients are fully aware of the potential outcomes.

There is no standard script plastic surgeons. Each physician has their own approach.

'You do need to understand'

When the The marketplace has ranged from 24 hours to six weeks.

"The next day," said Dr. Mahmood Kara.

It has been said that the Kara replied: “I’m not a lot of people.”

Understanding the informed

"That would worry me, because you need to understand," said Bowman. It’s "ethically and legally …

He says, “It’s something like that.” (Dave Macintosh / CBC)

Medical risks associated with breast implants are also of concern.

He has not been able to take care of his surgery, such as bleeding, capsular contracting.

But on his website, Kara calls it a rule that implants are ruptured.

Dr. He was the director of the school for medical careers and the autoimmune illnesses, says that advice is challenged by research.

"There are plenty of publications demonstrating leaking of silicone with new implants," he said.

In the list outlining the risks of implants U.S. Food and Drug Administration also notes can be migrated away from the breast.

Kara declined repeated interview requests.

Consent forms can be hard to get

At the clinic of plasticon surgeon Martin Jugenburg – known as Dr. It was a $ 2,000 in his website.

It was provided that the consent was given to the nurse.

"I'm amazed that there is a lot of pushback on the consent forms," ​​Bowman said after reviewing Marketplace's hidden-camera footage. "It is very problematic from an ethical point of view."

More than 10 million women worldwide have received breast implants over the last decades. But for some patients, they have been associated with their breast implants. (CBC)

In his written response,

"It was not clear, I’m not sure, I’m not so confused."

At a third Toronto clinic visited Marketplace, Dr. Sean Rice spent time describing the implant surgery itself. If you have any questions or concerns.

Dr. Sean Rice spent time describing the implant surgery itself. (

In an email to If you’re looking for a carriageway, you’ll have to do it. before endorsing. "

It is not a prescribed period.

The marketplace has been a number of times after the consultation.

Before-and-after photos

The websites of the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons.

“Where we have been, we’ve been the doctor who contracted the regulation,” she said.

Last year, it was a college course.

"His repeated breaches of advertising policy and regulation, [college complaints’] committee was not satisfied with his guidance reads.

'We can get you out after dinner,' Dr. Mahmood Karate a potential client interested in breast augmentation. (

However, it is more prominently than 260 before-and-after photos of plastic surgery procedures.

He is a professional and a young man in the field of physical education and advertising methods, including "making it" and "pre- and post." -operative accounts, "along with"

In a written response, the allegations are "denied and being defended."

He has been able to provide information on how to use it. decision-making ability. "

Dr. Martin Jugenburg – known as Dr. 6ix, an allusion to The Six, a popular nickname for Toronto. ('s website has a wide range of plastic surgery procedures.

Some plastic surgeons shun the practice of posting before-and-after images.

Toronto plastic surgeon Dr. It doesn’t have to be taken to the Ontario doctor’s office.

Opting for an explant

Worsening symptoms eventually led to a diagnosis of discomfort.

When they came out, a discovery: he showed a capsular contract, and a captive contracture, he said. .

"This type of rupture is common and indicates … material fatigue," his report reads. "It is not the outcome of trauma or accidental … damage."

Chemist Pierre Blais analyzed Nikki Carruthers' implants for CBC's Marketplace. (Dave Macintosh / CBC)

In an interview, Blais said Carruthers' right implant rupture, which "broke into four parts," is hardly unique.

It says that it’s possible to happen, "said Blais. "It is not really right. They should say a rupture will happen – it depends how long you have it. "

Carruthers said Blais's findings were a vindication. "My instincts were correct. I was not going to insane."

Since her explant, Carruthers said a liver tumour has shrunk. But she has a lot of cognitive impairment, tremors and autoimmune symptoms.

"I can only imagine how many women are right there … "I think about it."

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