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“Big Tax Rises” for 2019 – BC News

This is not exactly what most British Colombians wanted to start in 2019, but the Canadian Federation of Taxpayers warns that, like it or not, get ready for a significant tax increase in the new year.

The CTF says the campaigns will affect a large part of the province through employer, property and fuel taxes.

“The health tax for employers will have a cascading effect across the province, causing new employees to cool down and pay increases, as well as the risk of an increase in property taxes from Port Alberni to Prince George,” said Chris Sims, B.S. Director of the Canadian Federation of Taxpayers. "This is a huge tax load from Victoria on the backs of job creators and municipalities across the province."

The employer health care tax starts in 2019, is imposed on top of the existing premium for medical services, and, according to the CTF, will result in a double tax cut for many B.C. employers for the year.

“Since in most cities and towns wages are more than $ 500,000, their budgets are directly influenced, which makes it necessary to reduce the city budget or increase real estate taxes,” the group said.

Here is a link to the official rates and tax calculator of the EHT province.

Homeowners in places like West Vancouver and North Vancouver with homes worth more than $ 3 million will be required to pay a new “school tax” created by the provincial government.

“Although they are called school tax, money goes to total income,” said Sims.

Prices are valid for houses, apartments and vacant land.

Sims said that the tax increase on British Colombians will continue throughout the year, and the carbon tax from April 1, 2019 jumped from $ 35 to $ 40 per ton.

"This is 8.89 cents per liter of gas purchased in British Columbia."

To read the Canadian Federation of Taxpayers New Year's report on tax changes, click here.


UPDATE: 4:01 pm

Warnings of heavy snow continue for most of the province. Canada's environment predicts as much as 30 cm in some areas.

“The snow will intensify tonight and continue on Saturday before Saturday night comes, when the system moves to Alberta. By the evening of Saturday we can expect snowfalls up to 30 cm. ”

Snowfall also causes havoc on the roads. For the Trans-Canada Highway from Eagle Pass to Rogers Pass, a winter storm warning was announced.

Dangerous winter conditions are expected, "says Environment Canada." Prepare for rapid changes and worsening conditions of movement. "

UPDATE: 2 pm

DriveBC reports that Highway 97 was reopened onto a lane with alternating traffic north of Lake Williams.

UPDATE: 1:30 pm

Multiple accidents are reported on the Coquihalla highway.

An off-road SUV with damage to the front end was stuck in the median near the Mine Mine Creek Road exit, and another pick-up incident on the side of the western lanes near the old toll roads.

Heavy snowfall is predicted today on highways B.S.

Elsewhere, DriveBC reports that the Trans-Canada Highway is closed in both directions south of the China Bar Tunnel, between Hells Gate and Boston Bar due to the semi-finals.

There is currently no estimated time to re-open, and there is no workaround.

Meanwhile, Highway 97 is closed in both directions due to the accident north of Lake Williams. Detour in force.

UPDATE: 8:05

Most of central British Columbia is preparing for the next winter walk, as the Canadian Ministry of the Environment has issued warnings of snowfall or a winter storm for areas from the North Coast to the border with Alberta.

In some regions, up to 30 centimeters of snow is predicted, as the storm crosses the province, while travel on Highway 1 from Eagle Pass to Rogers Pass is expected to be particularly dangerous before conditions at the end of Saturday weaken.

Meanwhile, on the southern coast of British Columbia, about 1,600 consumers turned off electricity eight days after the stormy winds that hit the entire region in recent years.

Hundreds of workers BC they worked around the clock to eliminate the remaining interruptions concentrated on several southern islands of the bay, where damage from fallen trees and overturned power poles is most significant.

The Crown utility reports that about 2,400 customers returned power on Thursday, and on Friday 70 crews will work on the islands of Galliano, Pender, Mine, Salt Spring, Gabriola, Tethys and Saturn.

– Canadian press


Environment Canada encourages the other Pacific system to trace to the interior, bringing with it up to 25 centimeters of snow.

"We will see that snow falls on Friday morning, and in the evening at Coquihalla we can climb five or 10 centimeters," said meteorologist Bobby Sehon.

"The snow will last all night both on Friday and Saturday, and we can see as much as 15-25 cm in a little more than a 24-hour period."

Sehon says it will be a similar story for the Okanagan connector, probably just a few centimeters on Friday. The same system can bring snow into the Connector on Saturday – “up to 15 cm by Saturday evening”.

Regarding the Trans Canada highway, the Rogers Pass does not look so bad, and Environment Canada requires only 10–15 cm at high altitudes.

The story is similar if you drive to Kootenais, and Sehon says that drivers can expect up to 15 cm in the Kootenay Pass.

"It seems that Saturday will be the main snowy day for the region, an average of 15 cm falls, and in some places – up to 25".

According to Sehona, the passage through the front is likely to lead to snow on the roadway, as well as to snow at the bottom of the valley.

"From 5 to 10 cm in Kelowna is not excluded," he said.

December 28, 2018 / 14:48 | Story:

Vancouver police say they could not confirm the allegation that the six-year-old girl was lured out of the elementary school playground earlier this month.

The police claimed that they had studied the advice of the public, interviewed the staff and students of the school, talked to the neighbors, and watched the videotapes, but found no evidence that this had happened.

Sergeant Jason Robillard says the investigation is ongoing.

Police are investigating the allegation that on December 5, the girl was on the playground near the Sexmith Elementary School in South Vancouver, when a man took her to a nearby place where he attacked her, and then returned her to school.

Robillard says the investigation conducted detectives from the department for combating sexual crimes and the department for youth affairs.

He says that investigating allegations affecting personal safety, especially with regard to children, is a priority for the police.

“We believe this is an important update that parents, employees, students and the wider community should be aware of,” he said in a press release on Friday.


Bags with baits, located in Surrey’s malls during the Christmas shopping season, lured grinches and good Samaritans.

The Surrey RCMP Real Estate Crime Task Force placed shopping bags with branded electronics and jewelry boxes in food courts and living rooms. The civilian officers watched to see if the thieves would take advantage of the situation.

During the five-day project, three suspected men between the ages of 32 and 35 were arrested for stealing a baited package. All subjects had previous convictions and were released in order to appear before the court at a later date.

But the investigators were pleasantly surprised by the seven good Samaritans, who saw the packages left unattended and transferred them to the support or security service or simply looked after them in the hope of returning to the owner.

“This is the first time our real estate crime team has completed a bait project in Surrey,” says a staff sergeant. Mike Hall. "Only three items stole the package compared to the seven people who did the right thing, it was quite refreshing, especially during the holiday season."

Images posted on social networks allegedly show that a dead rat is being pulled out of soup in a Vancouver restaurant.

According to CTV News, The Crab Park Chowdery investigates the charge after posting a video on Instagram on Thursday.

“Today, my friend ordered a clam chowder in Manhattan and was a little surprised,” wrote the poster.

Vancouver Coastal Health is studying the issue.

VCH last inspected the restaurant in October, and previously found signs of rodents in February.

– with files from CTV Vancouver

Two lost travelers and their dogs were rescued from the mountains of Vancouver on the North Shore on Thursday evening.

The rescue of the North Shore responded around 7 pm after a man and a woman turned into a steep terrain on Deaf Hill

“On the way down, they followed some tracks and ended up in the sewers of Mosquito Creek,” Scott Merriman, search manager, told CTV News.

The travelers were shot down at about 2 am, cold, but not injured.

The call sets a new annual record for the North Shore Rescue, with 141 rescue missions.

– with files from CTV Vancouver

A public warning was made against a person who claims to be a surgeon in Vancouver.

Vancouver Coastal Health reports that Asten Nguyen Phong Nguyen claims that he works at a general hospital in Vancouver, but is not registered to practice at B.C.

According to CTV News, Nguyen also asks patients to make a deposit before the operation.

“This person has no relation to VCH, he is not registered with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia, and he is not allowed to practice medicine in the province,” VCH wrote on Thursday.

The health authority encourages depositors to contact Vancouver police immediately.

– with files from CTV Vancouver

December 28, 2018 / 7:19 | Story:

On a cold sunny December day, Jean-Michel Putisso stopped to admire six apple trees, for which he had once fought to save.

Putissu arrived in Vancouver in October 1972, when the trees on the campus of the TRIUMF physics laboratory were just seedlings. The trees are descendants of the same tree, under which, as they say, Sir Isaac Newton sat, reflecting on gravity.

Pouissu, an honorary researcher at TRIUMF, said that trees “grew happily” until the mid-1990s, when condominium developers wanted a direct path from campus to homes. The trees were in danger of being fired.

“No one cared too much about Newton’s trees,” he said. "For them, they were on the way."

According to him, it took a campaign to convince the president of the University of British Columbia, where TRIUMF is, to intervene and save the roundabout where the trees are planted.

Now they are almost 50 years old, the trees are covered with buds, which are fattened in winter and then begin to bear fruit.

Poutissu said he tried apples, but that was a long time ago, and he does not remember their exact taste.

“It's not quite the same as that of Macintosh, but don't keep me from this,” he said with a laugh.

The journey of the trees began sometime in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Letters between the University of British Columbia and the National Physical Laboratory in Teddington, England show that on the day when two tree grafts arrived in Vancouver on the Air Canada flight on January 4, 1971, the ground was covered with more than 50 centimeters of snow.

Two cuttings were grafted, and now there are six trees on the TRIUMP campus.

Today, the National Trust in the UK is the custodian of the original apple tree at Woolsthorp Manor, where Newton considered the laws of gravity. The tree is called Kent Flower, a traditional variety that produces apples of various sizes.

The organization’s e-mail states that there are many universities around the world that have counterparts of the original tree. It is not known how the idea arose of sending Newton's apple trees to universities, and it seems that there is no tradition or politics there.

"It was probably spread by word of mouth between universities."

The tree says that it is a symbol of learning, discovery and the beginning of the era of modern science.

Record summer B.C. about forest fires topped Canada’s environmental list out of the top 10 weather histories for 2018.

National forecaster published a list on Thursday on its website.

“The spring flood has led to an increase in vegetation, which has dried up in hot, dry summer, turning it into kindling. For the second year, British Columbia has been faced with a state of emergency throughout the province, ”says Environment Canada.

“About 2,000 fires broke out across the province. Although the season started late, he made up for lost time. ”

May was one of the hottest and driest observations in the entire Inner and South Coast. Wet June temporarily eased anxiety, but by July the situation was growing. Lightning July 18 lit the woods in Okanagan, and by August, air quality alerts had become a reality for several weeks.

When smoke enveloped Western Canada, "Beautiful British Columbia did not look so beautiful."

Environment Canada says that the risk of western fires has increased two to six times since 2015 due to anthropogenic warming.

“Changes in the weather in Canada occur suddenly, not imperceptibly, quickly and gradually. As Canadians continue to experience more and more extreme weather conditions, intense monthly heat, suffocating smoke and haze from forest fires, and extreme floods will be just the norm just a decade from now on. "

According to the World Meteorological Organization of the United Nations, 2018 was the 40th year in a row in the world with temperatures above the norm and the fourth warmest year since observations began 135 years ago.

Check out the rest of the Top 10 Canadian Environment stories here.

December 28, 2018 / 6:20 | Story:

In Vancouver, it is planned to open a licensed marijuana store, since the number of legal pot stores in British Columbia is still lagging behind other provinces.

Evergreen Cannabis owner Mike Babins said the store got a license for the province this week and plans to open its doors on Saturday.

Until he receives a municipal license, he will become the first legal store in the city, since recreational cannabis was legalized on October 17.

Babins said the provincial licensing process was "extremely, very thorough."

“They worked very, very, very hard, so that there was no organized crime in this industry,” he said.

"They spent 20 years with me and my wife to find out every job we had, every vacation we took."

The store, founded by Babins and his wife Maria Petrucci in the urban area of ​​Chicilano, was originally opened as a medical marijuana dispensary in September 2015. He worked for three years with a municipal license in accordance with the old city licensing regime.

The couple closed the doors of the store on October 16, while they waited for the approval of the province to open a weed rest shop.

A number of illegal dispensaries remain open in Vancouver, despite a court order this month confirming the city’s authority to close them.

Evergreen approval brings the total number of licensed marijuana stores to B.C. to five, with the rest in Kamloops, Kimberley and Pouss Coupe.

There are 65 licensed pot retailers in Alberta and 20 in New Brunswick on government provincial websites, while in Ontario there will be no stores until April.

BC. Public Security Minister Mike Farnworth defended the pace of the province in pots, stating that the government had given more votes to municipalities than others.

Babins said he believes that B.S. licensing officials are working hard, and he understands why it takes so long to license stores.

“Having seen what is happening, I now fully understand,” he said.

The couple paid taxes from day one, kept track of everything they bought, and never borrowed money, instead used retirement savings to open a store, he said. They also hired a lawyer and consulting firm to help with the application.

“We did everything right. We simplified the task for them, and it took so much time, because they had to check to make sure that we were immaculately clean. ”

They applied for a provincial license in mid-August and finally got it on Tuesday.

The store still requires a new municipal license. Бабинс сказал, что город подал сигнал о поддержке магазина, но в праздничные дни никого нет в наличии, чтобы выдать лицензию, поэтому во вторник пара планирует быть в мэрии.

Он сказал, что не беспокоится о том, что город расправится с магазином в прошедшие дни.

«Я думаю, что со всеми абсолютно незаконными и незаконными магазинами, которые не были закрыты … было бы немного катастрофой для СМИ, если бы они пришли после первого лицензированного магазина в городе, потому что мы открылись на два дня раньше, чем они вернулся с рождественских каникул ".

Период праздничного путешествия продолжается, когда друзья и семья пробираются друг к другу издалека.

Водителям настоятельно рекомендуется проявлять осторожность и быть готовыми к неприятным условиям, включая подготовку и для ваших питомцев.

Наши питомцы – наши близкие спутники, и многим людям сложно, эмоционально и материально, оставить их позади, когда они отправляются в путешествие.

Тем не менее, если не задуматься и подготовиться к поездке, это может стать причиной несчастья для людей и тварей.

В провинции есть несколько советов о том, как отправиться в путь со своими любимыми питомцами.

1) Учитывайте потребности животного.

Подумайте, готов ли ваш щенок к поездке. Кошки обычно меньше интересуются путешествиями, чем собаки. Очень молодое или очень старое домашнее животное может посчитать ваше приключение на шоссе слишком сложным, и ему будет лучше с няней.

2) Пробирайся в дальние поездки.

Если возможно, привлеките своего питомца к путешествию на автомобиле, когда он еще молод. Независимо от их возраста, начните с быстрых прогулок, а затем перейдите к легким однодневным поездкам, прежде чем идти по длинной и извилистой дороге.

3) Упаковка для вашего питомца.

Соберите с собой еду и посуду вашего животного, много воды и игрушку или две. Убедитесь, что у вас есть поводок, влажные салфетки для уборки, мешки для мусора, удобные постельные принадлежности для вашего питомца и фонарик для прогулок в темных незнакомых местах. Если вы едете куда-то далеко, подумайте о том, чтобы взять с собой аптечку для домашних животных.

4) Убедитесь, что ваш питомец узнаваем.

Убедитесь, что у вашего тварей есть идентификационная метка, которая включает ваше имя, адрес и номер телефона, по которому вы можете связаться во время путешествия. Несение фотографии Фидо также поможет в неудачном случае, когда он или она пропадает без вести.

5) Принесите свидетельство о прививке ровера.

Узнайте, каковы правила пересечения международной границы. Собаки, въезжающие в США из Канады, должны иметь сертификат, подтверждающий, что они были вакцинированы против бешенства не менее 30 дней назад.

6) Ремни безопасности всем.

Свободная тряпка также может отвлекать водителя, блокировать обзор водителя и мешать педали тормоза, газа или сцепления транспортного средства. Обучите свою кошку или маленькую собаку путешествовать в их питомнике и закрепите ее с помощью ремня безопасности.

Некоторые ремни безопасности для животных предназначены для работы с ремнями безопасности. Если вы используете ящик для своего большого питомца, убедитесь, что он закреплен на якоре и хорошо замаскирован внутри.

Вождение с собаками в кузове пикапа опасно для собак, плюс вы можете получить билет, как объясняется в этом видео из RCMP, BC SPCA и ICBC.

7) Держите их близко, пока далеко от дома.

Лучше не упускать из виду своих питомцев. Находясь вне автомобиля, держите своего питомца на поводке и никогда не позволяйте им приближаться к диким животным.

8) План остановок.

Регулярные перерывы дадут вам и вашему животному возможность комфортно отдохнуть и расслабиться. Небольшое упражнение и водная прогулка хороши как для двуногих, так и для четвероногих путешественников, так что следите за зонами отдыха, парками или другими остановками по пути.

9) Следите за жарой.

Слишком долгое оставление животного в горячем автомобиле повредит или убьет его. В припаркованном транспортном средстве тепло может быстро возрастать, поэтому парковайтесь в тени и держите открытыми некоторые окна. Если очень жарко, выведите питомца на улицу, надежно удерживая его в переноске или на поводке. На другом конце термометра не оставляйте животное в автомобиле, если температура приближается к отметке замерзания.

10) Планируйте проживание заранее.

Заранее изучите, где разрешено проживание с домашними животными, вдоль вашего маршрута, и подумайте о том, чтобы забронировать место. Некоторые мотели / отели имеют ограниченное количество комнат для домашних животных и их компаньонов.

11) Ослабься и наслаждайся приключением.

Ваш лучший четвероногий приятель здесь, чтобы повеселиться, так что остановитесь и понюхайте розы и наслаждайтесь духом товарищества в приключении вместе.

Животные могут быть великими исследователями, и они всегда рядом с вами.

Во время путешествий с животными ваш комфорт и безопасность связаны с их комфортом и безопасностью.

– с файлами из Министерства транспорта и инфраструктуры

ОБНОВЛЕНИЕ: 6:15 вечера

Похоже, что в четверг вечером на шоссе Coquihalla движение идет гладко.

В то время как скользкие условия и несколько опрокидываний замедлили движение в начале дня, особенно около проверки тормозов Zopkios, камеры шоссе показывают, что по крайней мере одна полоса в каждом направлении теперь очищена от снега.

Температура около вершины остается холодной, в настоящее время она находится на уровне -6,5 С.

Вероятность выпадения снега на Coquihalla в течение ночи составляет 40%, а в пятницу ожидаются периоды более сильного снегопада.

ОБНОВЛЕНИЕ: 1:19 вечера

Things keep slippery on Coquihalla. DriveBC reports a slowdown near a snow shed, and Kastanet received many reports of overturns 50 kilometers east of Nadezhda.

One driver indicated that they had seen two incidents to the north in Kokihkalle north of the snow cover, and another said that they had seen three ambulances on their way to the same area.

As of 1:15 pm, it appears that traffic is taking place near the Zopkios recreation area, west of the top of Kokihall. The cameras show that the highway is stopped, heading north towards Merritt.

ОБНОВЛЕНИЕ: 12:05 вечера

Canada's environment says that the next 24 hours should be good weather for the Valley, at least. But the Meteorologist, Bobby Sehon, says Castanet that on Friday morning there will be a Pacific Ocean system, and it can bring in 10 to 25 centimeters of snow.

“So for Coquihalla we will see snowfall starting on Friday morning, and by noon on Friday we can climb to 10 centimeters. The flakes will also fall on Saturday. ”

Sehon says that on Saturday we should expect another snowfall.

ОРИГИНАЛ: 10:46 утра

Travel conditions on Coquihalla appear to be normal for winter driving conditions, and Environment Canada has no valid warnings, but is still slippery.

Castanet Vernon, news director Josh Vinkquist, made us understand that the conditions at the summit are not perfect. “Two separate rollovers, one heading south, the other on average, emergency teams enter the scene,” Vinkquist says.

As of 10:30 am on Thursday, there appeared to be four separate incidents with one vehicle within the two-kilometer stretch between Merritt and Kamloops in Kokihalle.

“The road conditions seem decent, I don’t know why these drivers have lost control, all four incidents look as if they have just happened,” says Winquist.

DriveBC has no major incidents on the list, but we recommend checking out the Highway and Castanet cameras for the latest travel conditions.

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