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Ben Kuzma: Travis Green gets recognition for running tenacious kanaks

Travis Green uses honest evaluations and an honest, but firm approach to the Canucks leadership.

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Honest, solid, honest, demanding boss has the franchise transition to fast forward

Calgary – You can not fool the champion of the Stanley Cup.

The two-month transition to the playoffs to the holy grail of hockey is a marathon of skill and will. Players are driven to the limit, and coaches cannot cling to clichés. Decisive decisions and in-game management are paramount.

That's why Jay Beagle sees something special in Travis Green.

The Beagle played a key role in supporting the Washington Capitals last spring, when they finally overcame an obstacle in the championship. Coach Barry Trots tightly kept his fingers on the pulse of his club. He released Beagles in the last minutes to defend the advantage in Game 2 against the Golden Knights of Vegas and the Beagle, and then set two goals in Game 3.

It resembled the center of Vancouver Canucks Green.

“Trotsa has many things comparable to how he practices,” said Beagle on Saturday, before meeting Calgary. “This is the pace. Not a lot of water breaks, but it is short. Going short and hard and getting a job. "

This served as a basis for Green to become an honest, but steady boss. His moves in matches and correct reading of players bring rave reviews from colleagues from the NHL. There are even early conversations about some of the considerations of the Jack Adams Trophy about how he moved the franchise to fast-forward.

The Edmonton Oilers coach Ken Hitchcock said that the Canacs played the team game just as well as everyone else in the West, running 7-1-2 before the Saturday test. Flames coach Bill Peters called the division rivals hard-working, very organized and diligent in detail.

Worship is given when Connor McDavid and Green work in two shifts against Beagle, Antoine Roussel and Tyler Mott to minimize the damage. And they made Thursday in the victory with a score of 4-2, in which the Beagle played in the high season 20:02.

“I didn’t know anything about Travis until I arrived and didn’t come,” Beagle said before signing a four-year $ 12 million deal with an American free agent on July 1. “Immediately I liked his vision of the team, and it was very easy for me to jump aboard.

“A lot of what I tried to do all my career is what he loves – details, work ethic and pace. And he reads very well who is going and who is not. Sometimes you don't go and play so much. And if you go, you earn more ice, and he is honest about it. This makes it easy to go out and work hard. ”

Losing is never easy, and one of Green's biggest tests was the management of 1-10-2 funk last month. The Canacs lost eight games in one goal, but did not go astray. Now they are healthier and more difficult to play with them.

“Good communication with the players is very important,” Green emphasized. “I really felt that we were playing pretty good hockey, but you are worried about the confidence of your team when you are experiencing tension. You are worried about their energy, and the rink has a mental side when things are not going very well … you feel hot and you need to find a victory.

“It is important that players feel good when they play well and do not get results. The way you talk to a team or treat it differently, and it could be different if I did not feel that our team was there.

“You must pay tribute to your team. They stuck with him and pulled themselves out of the hole. ”

Communication should be a two-way street with veterans. Roussel's rebirth after concussion on August 30, less time in the penalty area and more effort that led to the game with two points on Thursday are evidence that he found the way to a new coach. He played for Bruce Cassidy, Craig McTavish and Willy Dejardens in the AHL, as well as for Glen Gulutzan, Lindy Ruff and Hitchcock in the NHL. What distinguishes Green?

“I love that you can really talk to him,” Roussel said. “He is close to his players and listens to them, and some guys (coaches) do not have such power. And some guys just stick to that instead of changing the lines; and now that the group is confident, he (Green) reads this well. When he trusts you, you will possess her.

Another significant moment came before the start of the season, when Green had a lot of solutions. The kanaki passed 1-6 in the exhibition game, they managed to reach five goals with the same power and only 10 in total, and his biggest challenge was the level of competition. Green saw it in Mott.

He decided to look at the winger. It was not a gift; It was a reward listed after the winger was acquired on February 26 from Columbus Blue Jackets for Thomas Vanek and did work in the offseason to recognize his speed and determination.

“He brought both elements, and that’s how he formed the team and how he’s going to stay,” Green said. "He is still young, and there are evenings when I ride him a little, but he is a serious guy, he wants to succeed and takes everything to heart."

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