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ASK EMR: Demisexual asks how to leave the friends area

Dear Amy! I am a 24 year old woman and I have never had sex. I'm half sexy. This means that I cannot feel a sexual attraction to someone without first having an emotional connection. (I really want sex, and I could lead a normal and healthy sex life with someone I knew well). I always wanted, above all, to be in love relationships.

It is almost impossible for me to say at the first meeting with someone, whether we will be friends or I will fall in love far in the future.

This makes dating really difficult. I think I need to be more sincere, tell the guys about demisexuality, and then hope that they will understand.

I continue to fall in love with “best friends” and then reject me when I try to tell them that I want to be more than friends.

I am fit and attractive. I have wonderful friends and a promising career.

I understand that this is not the most important problem in the world. I volunteer and try to help others, but I have always struggled with low self-esteem. I have a tendency to discard any personal goals or self-esteem in the hope of defeating someone.

I am constantly working on self-improvement, but I do not understand how to fix it or what distinguishes me from other girls. I feel so useless, unattractive and unattractive.

I am already on therapy, but I am not lucky with this. I simply cannot accept this pattern of loneliness and rejection.

Do you have any suggestions?

– demi

Dear Demi! Demisexuality is more than just “old-fashionedness” and a long time courting before sex; A demexual person simply does not feel attracted until a strong emotional bond is formed.

This eliminates the fluttering feeling of butterflies, which many people experience quickly and which can speed up an emotional connection.

Demisexuality sets the task of never experiencing any sexual feelings until you have experienced many months of platonic friendship; Some potential partners have already firmly moved to the zone of friends, and many truly platonic friends would be confused if you had shown sexual interest in them after the friendship was deemed completely non-sexual.

Since you are already undergoing therapy, you can ask your therapist about sexual therapy. You obviously want to feel sexy and be sexy. There may be ways in which you can feel sexually, without finding or not finding a partner, and with someone with whom you already have a strong emotional connection (I am talking about you!)

Yes, if you meet someone in a “romantic” or familiar context, then you should be honest about it. I see it as a conversation on a third date. The right person will give you the necessary time.

Dear Amy! At Christmas, I decided to open savings accounts for my four grandchildren, as well as life insurance policies. I also bought gifts for them (aged 1 to 7) to open and play with them. My eldest son was fine with this for his children. My youngest son was upset that his name was not in the account, so he could have access to what was there for his children. The bank needed their social security number to open accounts. He accused me of insecurity. He said that if I did not add his (and his wife's name) to the account, he would sue me! WHAAAT?

I created these accounts to be able to add money to college!

I'm devastated. Today I closed the accounts of his children and transferred money to the accounts of other grandchildren. What do you think about it?

– Shocked

Dear in shock: I hope you get competent advice from a professional financial planner.

I think your son does not want you to deal with it in your own way. He made a choice, followed by a rough threat, and now he can bear the consequences. Keep trying to keep in touch with these grandchildren.

Dear Amy! I respond to "The Spouse in the Dark", who wondered if she should go to the memorial services that her (much older) husband attends.

I have been married for over 30 years and have accompanied my spouse in many services for people I have never met. I never asked for and did not expect an invitation from him. Depending on his relationship with the departed, I will decide if I need to accompany him. I was there to support my husband.

– supporting spouse

Dear Supporting: Testimony is powerful work.

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