Ariana Grande's tattoogate shows no sign of sedation. Gracefully bowing in the face of criticism of her tattoo with errors, Grande booked a session with her tattoo artist in the fastest way – evidence of what soon appeared on her Instagram, nodding her to the “mentor” @kanenavasard.

But get it, sources close to TMZ Ariana Grande’s tattoo editing is said to still not read or transmit the “7 rings” as intended. Ariana Grande and her mentor thought that adding an extra character would clarify the situation; they were completely wrong. The modified tattoo on her palm now reads clearly: "Japanese barbecue finger", which only aggravates the problem with the original tattoo.

In truth, Grande should have conducted a foreground study in a second attempt. Life is not replete with opportunities to return to normal, especially when it comes to cultural sensitivity or ambiguity.

Whatever the cost, Ariana Grande has a history of hiding deplorable tattoos, just ask Pete Davidson. And, frankly, let's hope that the shots of lidocaine, which her doctor gave her relief, will come in handy when Twitter fixes the situation for a second – to be honest, there are many reasons to believe that Twitter is not half done with yesterday’s roast. The 2nd wave of fun is fast approaching.