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Anunoby predators have enough time to find their rhythm

TORONTO. If you attended the Toronto Raptors home game this season, you may have witnessed the next game presentation in which OG Anunobi allegedly quotes things that people fear, including various mammals and, after a long pause near the end, a polarized dairy product.

There is some controversy as to whether the responses of Anunobi were presented in the appropriate context. But there is no doubt about its position regarding a light, protein-rich snack.

“With cottage cheese everything is in order,” said Anunobi. “I am not afraid of cottage cheese. It is not true."

It was such a day to practice the Raptors on Wednesday, since Toronto has a rare three-day break in the schedule. Many intrigues are expected on Thursday, when the leaders of the Milwaukee Bucks Eastern Conference are in the city, and the Raptors find out if Kyle Lowry and Pascal Siak are joining Kavi Leonard as representatives of the team in the all-star game next month.

At least I’m sure Anunobi will be there since he was selected to participate in the World Team at the NBA Rising Stars annual game this weekend. It was a bit shocking that Anunobi was not chosen to take part in the competition last season, when he enjoyed an outstanding recruitment campaign. But now, a year later, the NBA corrected its mistake.

“I was more surprised last year – but that's okay,” said Anunobi. “Playing this game will be cool. I look forward to it. … Just see how other players prepare for games and what they do. Practice habits. Material that can be taken and included in your game. "

This is a worthy choice, but, nevertheless, interesting, since the season of Anunobi is zigzag. He spent long stretches, working in the second block of Toronto, and short periods showing in the starting lineup. He was away from the team for personal reasons. His minutes were as high as 28 and equal to 10. He had nights in November when he made double-digit attempts from the field. And the nights in January, when he did a little more insulting than the space yard.

The only thing he did not do was find a groove. To a certain extent, you can expect from a 21-year-old teenager playing a second year in the championship. Consistency is the hardest thing in professional sports, especially for still-developing athletes, such as Anunoby.

But it is still difficult not to characterize his season as a step back. Overall, he is minus 2.8 per 100 possessions, an average of 20 minutes per night, and his net rating is minus 2.9 in 10th place at the Raptors, ahead of only players at the end of the bench who do not see almost as much time on the floor as he . . Last season, when Anunobi played similar minutes, starting 62 games in Toronto, he got a plus of 9.5 per 100 possessions and played with a net rating of 9.7.

In part, this is most likely osmosis. On the 100 possessions Anunobi causes the same percentage of his attempts from the field, as in the past season. His three-point shooting decreases, but he recovers more, and his thefts, turnovers, blocks and assists were consistent. He does not do it all differently. But the units with which he plays, score less points and give more points against. That happens.

“He’s a good player,” said the Raptors head coach Nick Meds. “I still hope to get it on the track and back.” And I expect it. Much is at the right time, in the right place – and this has not yet been his time this year. But there is still a long way to go. And I think it still appears at some point. ”

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The biggest drop in the game Anunoby were shooting three points, up to a 34 percent clip from 37% last season, and shooting free throws, which dropped sharply from 63% to 40% this season. This is not what you want. But they have problems better than effort or fuss. Shooting may come and go, and it would not be crazy to see Anunobi launch a hot series and raise his performance at some point between now and the end of the season.

And, at its best, Anunoby is a coach’s dream. Long and sporty, it can guard various positions and fit into various compositions, both large and small. In the offensive, he can split the floor with his three-point shooting or hit his man on the ball and cut the basket for quick points in the paint. As the NBA line-ups become increasingly positioned and switchable, Anunoby becomes the athlete who was created to thrive in these systems.

With 30 games remaining until the present moment and before the playoffs, Anunobi has enough time to rediscover his rhythm. Ignoring last year’s Futures game and often forgetting about this season, as he was in the lineup and out of turn, he could just surprise some people with his versatility throughout the game. He is used to being undervalued. Kind of like cottage cheese.

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What a basketball coach can get from football

As you may have heard, the Super Bowl will be challenged this coming Sunday between the Patriots of New England and St. Louis Rams. The nurse was a big fan of Rams since childhood, when he was the only child in his northern area in Iowa who did not support the nearby Minnesota Vikings. The nurse liked James Harris, who in the mid-70s defended several pretty good Rams teams. He had a shirt number 12 and that's it.

Last summer, a nurse spent time in the team’s training camp, talking with Rams head coach Sean McVey about some of the philosophical approaches and approaches he uses. Between these two sports is more of a crossover than you think.

“I see a lot in common in how the plays are called, how you organize things,” said the nurse. “I just wanted to talk to him about how he called the plays – how he delivers them from the newspaper to the head of his defender. And how he organizes things up.

“This is really amazing organizational work with a football team – to watch how they spend their day. And their leadership style – what motivational things they do, what team themes they use. For me it was a rather extensive learning experience. ”

The nurse says that he even implemented some actions in the games of his team that came straight from the football field. When the Raptors line up four on the court and everyone moves in one direction before one of the players applies the brakes and turns back against the stream, the Nurse calls it a sweep or a sweep counter, the terminology is removed from football. He also developed peak games for players running across the floor, not unlike the way the NFL receiver’s route can be used to set up a masked capture field and open a team mate.

One day, while watching the game of CFLs, the Nurse noticed the advantage that the recipients get by running away before the ball breaks. He applied similar tricks to how his players moved purposefully, before the referee made the ball live outside the game.

“I had the idea that once the Argonauts were playing,” he said. “You just bring it in, see how it looks, and whether it works. There is some kind of crossover.

Siakam and Raptors are waiting for stellar news

The nurse did her best to help Siakam's star game by calling and sending text messages to other league coaches to encourage them to think about their third year ahead with their votes. Siakam numbers speak for themselves. But the Nurse reminds her colleagues of the circumstances when Siakam broke through.

“I think the team’s success is the strongest example – and he played a big role in this,” said the nurse. “He was part of a team that was very successful, missing many of his key guys. He was the one who was there all the time. You have to pay very close attention to know all this. But these are the facts as they are.

Siakam says that his all-star candidacy was not on his mind, except when the 76-star Joel Embayd, who was elected a starter, recently wrote to him about it. But Siakam would obviously be happy to see his name turned on when the other participants are announced on Thursday. And one day he would like to be an automatic choice, like his friend in Philadelphia.

“It will mean a lot,” said Siakam. “This means that all the hard work you invest pays off. This is definitely a great achievement. But for me, I want to get to the point where I will not worry about whether I am going to do it or not. I want to go where there is no doubt that I am there. So while I just continue to work, and no matter what happens, it happens. ”

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