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5 Takeaways from Earl Sweatshirt's new album, some rap songs

With a name like Some rap songsEarl Sweatshirt is obviously an over-industrial art. It is authentic, no tricks, but in a way that does not try to draw attention to its authenticity. Earl named his last album, 2015 I do not like shit, I do not go out, his thesis is about himself, but he is clearly not trying to impose a similar burden on this record. Denoting it in the simplest way, hedging against the hype around it without compromising its seriousness. To really say it in simple words: he is deep in his bag.

For three years since I do not like shit, I do not go out, in Earl's life many things happened: his father died earlier this year, prompting a visit to Johannesburg and a reunion with his family; he lost his longtime collaborator and friend Mac Miller and strengthened his ties with the new MC community. The album reflects not only constant maturation, but also re-calibration: a newfound commitment to discovering personal and universal truths and confirming its joy for songs in search of comfort. This record is by far the densest in Earl's history, but it is riddled with fast, sharp, tough recordings that keep him in the background. Here are five things to listen to at the first few turns. Some rap songs,

“I will be with MIKE and Med”

Ever a collective member, Earl Sweatshirt has created collaborative relationships and meaningful friendships with a new class of like-minded people. He called a few players Some rap songsand this is no coincidence. Rubbing his shoulders and rolling backwards with these fellow New Yorkers, had a major influence on his music. The characters include genre guides and classics.

There Navy Blue (or Sage Elsesser), a professional skater turned rapper, who is credited with art I do not like shit, I do not go outwhich was once Earl's neighbor (Sage has a verse on this album); MIKE, an introspective teenager from Bronx, who became something of a graph, after OF quartz bought one of his early mixtapes online and received a personal thank you; Medhayn, a Brooklyn rapper who is half the Medslaus duet with producer Slauson Malone aka Jasper Marsalis; Mah-Hommy, the mysterious rapper Jerry, for whom Earl struck; Gio Escobar, who, like the “Standing on the Corner” frontman, creates music that encompasses the entire black and brown diaspora. Some of them are guests, others were just in his thoughts or around during his creation, but these artists clearly had a deep impact on Some rap songsYou can hear it in your location: in some songs it is as cold and calculated as Mach, almost analytic in its accuracy; in others he is as emotional and self-deprecating as MIKE. This gives its unique perspective a new dimension.

Earl pushes a new sound.

To this end, the sound palette on Some rap songs also depends heavily on those with whom Earl has surrounded himself in recent years: Denmark Vessey, “Standing on the Corner”, “Black Noah”, “Bulieman” and Ade Hakim, contributed music to the album. Part of the production is not as large as Earl did for Mach. In general, the record seems to borrow his musical remarks from the post-genre of the SoTC Red burns project, MIKE fragmentation May God bless your vanityand Knxwledge catalogs, but also because of dryness. Bits tightly fixated that Earl described the Vulture as a "snake eating its tail." Most of them are calling for some vintage hip-hop. Unlike the raw soundscapes IDLS, IDGOwhich at times seemed almost devoid of light Some rap songs This is a variety in the bursts, an experience that is no different from clicking on different images in the View-Master. The peculiar structure of the fragment style and the twitching movement, collecting pictures into a long-playing play, were born from bonds.

In pursuit

This year, short songs have taken a lot of rap albums, mainly because of the lazy writing and streaming economy that rewards long albums. But Earl is no stranger to keep him short and sweet: brevity and brevity were the strengths of 2015. I do not like shit, I do not go outHe once said: "Flexing can say the most with the fewest words." He applies his efficiency philosophy to this 15-tertiary 25-minute album, keeping many tracks under a two-minute mark. This is a product of an album-oriented musician who still appreciates the time of his listeners. Slow, aptly named "Loosie" is packed from front to back, with tears, Ella seemed to sink into the thought. Towards the end of “Vienna,” he almost unraveled all the myths of the Count Hood.

Family bonds

Most abbreviations Some rap songs were written before the death of the father of Count Keorapetse Kgositsile, but even those who do not work through grief, reflect his family. In the Playing Possum, the clips of both his parents, publicly speaking, overlap each other. His mother is present throughout the recording, often in some sort of supporting capacity. “I only get better with time, that's what my mom says,” he vomits on “Azukara”, then adds: “My mom said that she saw my father in me.”

A few songs that refer to Kgositsile largely avoid unpacking his complicated relationship with his son. The exception is Peanuts, in which Earl reconciles the loss of his father before he has a chance to get rid of his problems. The song is one of the hottest moments of the album, written with remarkable clarity. "Choosing his grave, I could not help but feel out of place / Bless my pops, we sent him off, not an hour later / Still in shock, it knocked my heart out somewhere in the distance." In a statement earlier this month, Earl discovered the search for closure. “Without waiting for this moment to make me deal a lot with my damn self,” he said. We still have a lot to figure out.

Famous graphs

  • “A bad apple, a daily clash with my relatives / Bad acid caused damage to my mental state / Of course, you are right, it took several passages to grow / They were called wild by me because of the care” (from December 24)
  • “I don’t know what I am saying,” because I don’t name the bags, I stay in them / see you shoot, but your corners are rubbish, do not play with us ”(From“ Ontheway! ”)
  • "It's real when you seal the letters with wax, now the shit has changed, the checks we see are beautiful / Real Mike Willy shit, we went gorilla, they really refused to repurchase / You are stupid, we charge taxes / Bad blood, they make dash and pull fast ”(from“ The Bends ”)
  • “Muffle my pain and wet my brain” (from Cold Summers)
  • “The world to my drunks of dirty water / Don't somebody, try, read / Doesn’t I say I’m drowning / Isn’t anyone telling me that I can leave” (From “Shattered dreams”)
  • "Every nigga who is a trippin around me serves as a reminder that / I have to watch my step / I keep it in silence, as it is kept / I think that most of my life I have depression / only thing a glance was death / I don’t know, time was next / Tryna clarify this shit, I redefined myself / First I had to find it ”(From“ Nowhere2go ”)

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